Plymouth to Cardiff, Dodging Riots and Budget Bungalows

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Welcome back, fellow 2wheeler ladies and gents! After an exhilarating ferry ride that docked in the vibrant city of Plymouth, the time had come to bid farewell to the vessel and embrace the next chapter of our motorcycle adventure. With over 100 motorcycles and riders disembarking, the excitement was palpable. But as fate would have it, challenges and choices awaited us on the road. So hop on your virtual adventure touring bike and join me as we navigate through twists and turns, discovering the joys of spontaneity and the beauty of Wales.

Time Lost, Routes Altered

After bidding adieu to the ferry (it was a french flagged vessel, so it seemed only appropriate), the motorcycles were the last to disembark, eager to hit the road once again. With over 100 adventurer Brits and their chosen bikes, you can start to imagine the time it took. For them, it was but the last hiccup on their extended weekend getaway to Spain, but for me it was a whole different story. In addition, an unexpected delay at customs and passport control cost me valuable time. Well over one hour… ah… another of Brexit’s side effects. With the need to make up for it, a tough decision had to be made. The original route through Dartmoor National Park had to be cut, or at least bypassed, in favor of a more direct path. Freeways became our allies, propelling us forward as we sought to recover lost time without compromising the thrill of the ride.

Cardiff Calling and Camping Considerations

Before reaching Cardiff, a choice loomed before us, influenced by both practicality and security. On one hand, the rising cost of accommodations along the route posed a challenge for our low-budget adventure. On the other hand, recent riots in Cardiff made me question the safety of staying in the city. Ultimately, two factors tipped the scales in favor of an alternative solution. We would go north, detouring the problems down south. The promising weather, with sunny days and a temperature rise, set the stage for a more comfortable ride. Thus, the decision to set up camp or rent a bungalow became relatively easy.

Comfort and Small Luxuries

In the end, the allure of a bungalow with its own kitchen and bathroom proved irresistible. For a modest fee of 33 pounds, the added comforts of cooking and a well-deserved shower beckoned. While the tent fee was only 20 pounds, the amenities and convenience offered by the bungalow won my vote. It also came with a view, in line with the name of the camping, and the added perk of getting my gs1200 right outside the window for close supervision. After the love-filled neighbors’ adventure in Tordesilhas, the prospect of a more serene and private night was a welcome relief. I was even able to stir up some half-baked home cooking with some pasta and soup. It might not have been Michelin-star rated but it made me feel great. Sometimes, even on a low-budget adventure, it’s the small luxuries that make all the difference.

Closing Thoughts and Morning Reflections:

As the sun rises, painting the horizon with its golden hues and energizing me for the next stage, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of this journey. Yesterday, we learned the invaluable lesson that not everything can be planned. Being open to finding solutions and embracing spontaneity is the key to a successful adventure motorcycle tour. Despite the challenges and altered routes, there is an underlying sense of excitement and anticipation. The road ahead, winding through the enchanting landscapes of Wales, holds countless surprises and breathtaking moments. So, let’s rev up our engines and embrace all that this extraordinary land has to offer!

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