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About Us

2WheelsOnRoad Is All About The Right Choices

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About Us:
2WheelsOnRoad is a motorcycle website primarily geared towards travelers considering a motorcycle adventure motorcycle trip.

We include information on everything related to adventure motorcycle travel.

From the motorcycles themselves to detailed how-to guides, rider and bike gear reviews, and other material related to motorcycle travel.

We also specialize in creating, producing, and delivering unique tours, designed to achieve the most rewarding and fulfilling motorcycle adventure experience.


Behind the scenes

MEET THE 2wheelsonroad team

Mario is the go-to guy if the motor is running and the subject is anything with 2 wheels.

He’s the creator, developer, and tester of all 2WheelsOnRoad tours, and if required, he can also be the tour leader.

In true spirit with himself, he scouts every mile of the routes until he is completely sure no angle is missing.

He’s been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and has had his fair share of adventures. Of course, challenges have been present at times along the way, but Mario has always proved determined and resourceful.

If you ask his friends and family, they´ll tell you that the determination that is so characteristic to him, might at times be misled by a kind hearted stubbornness.

One thing is certain, if someone calls him, chances are that he’s somewhere out motorcycle riding.

With him, motorcycle bluetooth headset systems achieve a whole new and upgraded value.

On his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.


Gustavo is the man behind the screen. 

Loves new challenges, and he’s prone to be step in front of them when they show up.

2WheelsOnRoad sure was one, and it will remain so.

Publisher, Editor, and Designer of the 2WheelsOnRoad website, has a strong commitment to finding everything there is to know about adventure motorcycle travel and making it available to motorcycle riders, in such a way that they can use it to their benefit.


The obsession that his friend has over finding the best routes, meets its match when it comes down to the website and what it can deliver.

About 25 years ago, he had a shared dream with Mario. Entering the Dakar Rally on two wheels of course. Didn’t do it, but his adventurous and exploring side of him drives him in different ways now.

Spending time with is family and helping out his friends are some of the things he likes the most.


Our Story

How it all began

It all began in an unexpected yet natural way. We’ve been friends ever since we can remember. One day, during a phone call we set up the 2WheelsOnRoad website project in a matter of minutes.

From there, it was as easy as driving downhill on a bike with no gas.

Starting 2WheelsOnRoad was a natural evolution. It wasn’t thought or planned ahead. It simply was the natural unfolding of life’s passions, learning experiences, and our will to share them with you.

Did it come late?

Actually not at all. It came at the right time.

The time of preparedness for the challenge.

The time of readiness to provide knowledge supported valuable information.

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