Roaring Through Mist and Bacon-Powered Dreams: Tordesilhas to Santander

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Rev up your engines, fellow adventurers, for a thrilling tale that will take you from the cozy comforts of Tordesilhas to the misty harbor of Santander. Join me as I embark on a spirited journey filled with early morning escapades, roadside feasts, and a rendezvous with sea monsters (well, sort of). With the British riders bidding farewell and the ferry’s engines humming, our next port of call awaits – Plymouth, where the true adventure begins. So, hop on, hold tight, and let the laughter and camaraderie of the road guide us!

Recharged, Roused, and Walls That Whisper

The hotel in Tordesilhas may have come at a bargain price of 25 euros, but let me tell you, it came with its own symphony of sounds. As I woke from my rejuvenating slumber, I soon discovered that the walls were far from soundproof. Oh, the joys of budget accommodations! The neighboring couple seemed to be starring in a one-of-a-kind audio-only adult film, with their amorous endeavors vibrating through the thin walls. My bed shook with such intensity that, for a brief moment, I wondered if they had mistaken my room for theirs. Alas, after a moment of sheer confusion, I embraced the unexpected wake-up call and encouraged my own “love soldier” until their final, passionate crescendo. Well, for 25 euros, one can’t expect well-insulated walls, can they?

A Swift Start and the Joys of Daylight

With the amorous escapade fading into memory, I set forth on the road, eager to make the most of the daylight hours. The early morning sun cast a golden glow upon the landscape as my GS1200 Adventure roared to life, ready for the adventure ahead. Santander beckoned, and with a deadline of 3 pm, time was of the essence. Every mile became a precious gem to savor, as I relished the thrill of the ride and the picturesque scenes unfolding around me.

Roadside Delights and Bacon Dreams

As the sun peeked over the horizon, painting the landscape in hues of gold, my growling stomach demanded attention. Ah, the beauty of motorcycle travel – a meal straight from the pannier! With a sly grin, I rummaged through my right pannier, revealing a delightful feast. But wait, a thought crossed my mind. If only I had packed my goodies on the exhaust side, I could have enjoyed sizzling fried eggs and crispy bacon, courtesy of the motorcycle’s built-in griddle. A missed opportunity, but a lesson learned for future gastronomic adventures!

Mysteries and Sea Monsters

As the miles melted away beneath my wheels, a peculiar mist enveloped Santander’s ferry harbor. The elusive sunlight played hide-and-seek, adding an air of mystery to the scene. At that moment, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fearless explorers of old, venturing into the unknown, charting uncharted waters, and battling the fearsome sea monsters of their imaginations. Though no actual sea monsters lurked, the atmosphere invoked a sense of connection to those intrepid souls who sailed into the mist, fueled by curiosity and courage.

The British Brigade and Tales of the Road

As I neared the Brittany Ferries vessel, a sight unfolded before me – a long line of British riders, ready to embark on their homeward voyage, eagerly awaiting their turn to board the Brittany Ferries vessel. The ferry, “Pont Aven”, resembled a modern-day version of the mythical Jonas whale — white and all. The camaraderie among riders knows no bounds, and in their stories, I found a glimpse of the adventures that awaited me. Tales of twisty roads, scenic wonders, and unexpected encounters filled the air, reminding me that while their journey might be ending, mine was just beginning.

Pont Aven: Gateway to Plymouth’s Delights

Settled into the cabin of the mighty Pont Aven, our steadfast ferry crossing the bustling English Channel at a steady 21 knots, I marveled at the luxury of storing all my shenanigans without a worry. Perhaps it was too much space for me, yet, I had hoped for some of my elusive motorcycle travel companions to join me on this adventure, but fate had other plans. Solo adventure touring it is. Nevertheless, the sea voyage promised to be a time of reflection, preparation, and anticipation for the true adventure that awaited me in Plymouth, and that called for a beer in the lounge.

The Glimpse of Land

With the misty harbor fading into the distance, Santander became a memory etched in the annals of my journey. The camaraderie, the stories, and the sights shared with fellow riders, particularly the spirited British brigade, painted a vivid picture of the road ahead. As Pont Aven carried me closer to Plymouth’s shores, I knew that the real adventure lay just beyond the horizon. As I write, I’m propelled steadily at 21 knots across the busy English Channel. In a few hours, I’ll be back with my 2 wheels on the road, and carving my way through England.

So, stay tuned for the next chapter in this exhilarating motorcycle odyssey, where laughter, thrill, and the open road converge in a symphony of excitement!

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