From Shore to Shore: Day 17’s Ferry Odyssey

Ferry at five... time for a beer... and maybe a dive or two. Heck might as well change the route more inland in Albania, great gravel roads there... Damn! I'm thinking out loud... right? You are already here... Sorry about that, and...

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Hello and welcome back my friends!

Today’s tale lacks grandeur, A day of ferry pairs, Others may have worse pairs and days, indeed.

It’s Ferry Day

I headed to the marina to bide my time before catching the ferry. I had to be there around 5 PM, so I chose the marina area next to the port to wait.

I had the pleasure of discovering yet another beautiful beach, Tekke Plaj, where I awaited 5 PM.

Even greater was the pleasure of meeting a Turkish couple who were traveling to southern Spain and Morocco, very friendly and with a great spirit!

I had even more time to chat with an “Italian friend,” both of us resorting to English for more “precise” communication… A solo traveler addict like me, with many journeys to share as well. Maybe we’ll cross paths again out there, Thomas!

I don’t have a lot of photos from this day, and ferry’s and border crossings are not that interesting. Nevertheless, you can check out a short video from today.

Then came the time to begin the odyssey of passport control, vehicle inspection, and other checks, with quite a bit of confusion thrown in for good measure, adding a touch of excitement, although the real thrill awaits on the Greek side.

There, it’s truly spectacular!!! The police officers don’t just signal, they shout, I have no idea what they’re saying, but it’s not personal, they shout at everyone. I think it’s their way of adding some excitement to the boarding process for the new ferry.

The ferry stops at every island along the way before reaching Athens, but for me, it will be like a 5-star hotel.

To sleep soundly and wake up refreshed to ride a motorcycle… what more could one ask for?

Is There an Answer?

Well… it was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but the answer that comes to mind is riding and discovering more of Albania. Turkey was incredible, but I believe Albania is also one of the top motorcycle travel destinations at the moment. Alongside it, is another country that offers everything – yes, you guessed it – Portugal.

If you want to ride through a safe country with great roads, fantastic food, rich culture, and amazing weather all year round, check out our very own Portugal2Ride. It might be the adventure that you were looking for, it might be your first one, a solo one, or together with a group of friends. Well, two things are certain: You won’t have to travel halfway across Europe, and after that, it won’t be your last adventure. I’d bet on it, anytime.

Just click the links below in your preferred language.

Portugal2Ride – Portuguese Page

Portugal2Ride – English Page

You won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed.

Stay tuned because the next chapter will start already in Greek territory.

Until next time!

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