Tailored Tours

for you

You want to have the option of a fully personalized tour? If you want a motorcycle tour, tailored just for you or your group of riders, we will create one for you.

You don’t have deal with the factors involved in the planning of a motorcycle tour. Just tell us what are your preferences, the time you have available, and choose the destinations.

If you want, we can fully organize your tour. From the best roads to the main attractions, from where to sleep, to what to visit along the way. You’ll just have to ride, and enjoy.

Personalized Tours Include

An easy way to get the overall feel of the motorcycle tour and general recommendations

A detailed description of the riding day, so you know in advance what to expect and how to plan for it

A easy to use GPX file that you can use in your own Sat-Nav or even in your mobile phone

Suggestions for landmarks,  viewpoints, activities, restaurants, and experiences along the route. 

Knowing what to expect from the surrounding you are riding to and through is fundamental to a well made motorcycle adventure travel plan, and to riding enjoyment. Get those worries out of the way by knowing in advance what to expect and the documentation needed.

Suggestions for the lodging, according to your preferences

As an optional, we can take care of all the accommodation reservations, or the booking of the activities, or attractions for the duration of the tour

The estimate of the overall costs you will have on the road (fuel, tolls, lodging, meals, documentation, other means of transport…)

A specific tour t-shirt, only available for your tailored tour

Ready to Ride tours options

Self-guided tours

Ready to Ride self-guided tours. An intuitive and affordable experience

Route Personalization

Our ready to ride tours adjusted to your preferences

Route planning

We will plan your route from the destinations you decide

Route booking

We take care of your sleep-overs, experiences, according to your likes

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