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Our self-guided motorcycle tours are designed to provide the best riding experience, memories to be cherished, and to enjoy your passion for motorcycle traveling. Ready to Ride from start to finish, you won’t need much more to step into the ride of a lifetime. And you can do it over and over again, because we are always adding new tours to our packages.

Our commitment to providing the best routes, takes us on an endless journey to test roads, detours both on and off-road, stopping points, landmarks, landscapes, and everything else involved in delivering the best motorcycle tours.

We are committed to providing every 2wheeler with a superior adventure motorcycle travel experience, and the option of choosing between a fully organized  tour, or a ready to ride and budget friendly package. Reducing the cost of a motorcycle adventure doesn’t mean reducing its quality. So, not only we provide the ability of customizing routes, but we can also take care of everything else involved from accommodation to the experiences on tour.

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Motorcycle Tours

Awesome and unique ready to ride tours for you or your riding group

Self-guided tours

Ready to Ride self-guided tours. An intuitive and affordable experience

Tailored tours

We transform your dreams into ready to ride motorcycle expeditions

Route Personalization

Our ready to ride tours adjusted to your preferences

Route planning

We will plan your route from the destinations you decide

Route booking

We take care of your sleep-overs, experiences, according to your likes

RIder Resources

Everything you need to be prepared for your motorcycle travel adventures

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We are here to answer your questions and deliver solutions to all issues

Reach new and exciting places

Adventure Motorcycle Traveling is the most fun and enjoyable way to experience the world and all of the amazing feelings it has to offer.

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12 Best Reasons To Tour Portugal On An Adventure Motorcycle

Signature Tours

2WheelsOnRoad signature Tours that are unique, exclusive, tested, and were especially created to be iconic. These are the self-guided motorcycle tours that will make your discover and enjoy Portugal like no others. When you reach the finish line, we guarantee that you will have memories to share, and be proud of your accomplishments

Premium Tours
(up to 7 days)

There are some places that we all crave riding to. With these premium self-guided tours, is’t only a matter of when. From famous motorcycle travel destinations to themed tours, this is where you’ll find road trips up to a week long


(up to 3 days)

Weekend motorcycle trips, sleepover rides, day-trips and shorter getaways. Sometimes you don’t have to ride long distance to enjoy the ride, and only have to explore nearby to notice previously undiscovered motorcycle travel treasures.


Route Planning

Want the convenience of having us plan for you the entire route of your tour? We’ve got you covered. From your destinations, we will deliver a tour route plan that will transform your ride into a journey ready to enjoy.

Route booking

From a Ready to Ride Tour, or from tour created from your destinations we will take care of accomodation, experiences, and activities, along the riding days. All of it according to your own preferences and needs.

From Skye to Glasgow and Isle of Man Dreams

Route Personalization

Adjust one of our ready to ride tours to your riding preferences, or time availability.

Ready to Ride

Route 18

Picos da Europa
Andaluzia and Pueblos Blancos
NAcional 2 original route
Southern / Portugal
The Route of the Dams
Northern Loop Portugal
rota dos vinhos
serra D'aires e candeeiros
lands of Ribatejo
Rota miradouros

All Ready to Ride Tours include

A easy to use GPX file that you can use in your own Sat-Nav or even in your mobile phone

An easy way to get the overall feel of the motorcycle tour, general recommendations, and each stage information

If you are a 2wheelsonroad community member with a paid subscription, rest assured we didn’t forget you. With every individual basic package purchase, we through-in a few suggestions along the route to make your ride even more memorable. It’s our way of thanking you for the support

All packages include

A easy to use GPX file that you can use in your own Sat-Nav or even in your mobile phone

An easy way to get the overall feel of the motorcycle tour and general recommendations

A detailed description of the riding day, so you know in advance what to expect and how to plan for it

A specific tour t-shirt, only available through a package purchase

Stamp your way into every stage recording each day conquest. Send us an email with all the stamps and we will set you up with a special offer for the next tour

We all love stickers, and our motorcycles and panniers love them too. Get a set of stickers elusive to the tour and to its accomplishment

If you are a 2wheelsonroad community member with a paid subscription, rest assured we didn’t forget you. With every individual basic package purchase,  we through-in a few suggestions along the route to make your ride even more memorable. It’s our way of thanking you for the support

As a premium member with an annual subscription we will support you with a travel guide with suggested viewpoints, activities, restaurants, and experiences along the route. 

Knowing what to expect from the surrounding you are riding to and through is fundamental to a well made motorcycle adventure travel plan, and to riding enjoyment. Get those worries out of the way by becoming a premium member



1 Country – 18 Cities – 10 Stages. Ride an iconic 10-stage track passing through every district capital in Portugal. Cross the country, checking every mark on the map. 

Tracks Ordered



Draw the map on the road. Ride around the borders of Portugal, taking in the most diverse tracks and landscapes.

Tracks Ordered
2wheelsonroad home



This is one of the rides that need to be done at least once. Beautiful mountains, peaceful lakes and amazing roads all come together to create a stunning scenery

Tracks Ordered



A weekend getaway that will put a smile on your face. Perfect for those times when time is short, but the will is strong.

Tracks Ordered



Meet the beauty of the white villages and the  

Tracks Ordered



The Douro Valley is an area mostly known for the world’s renown vineyards and amazing landscapes. However it is also home to some of the best biking roads in the planet.

Tracks Ordered

Creating a self-guided tour that actually works, takes time and a lot of miles. Each tour we offer has been thoroughly tested by us. Creating a line on a map is relatively simple. However, combining the riding experience with the tour, the exploring part, and a timeframe that actually works, is the hardest to achieve. That’s exactly what you get with one of our tours.

Yes, but on a limited basis… We only do guided tours as a once or twice event each year. At least for now. We do organize tours taylored for your needs, on request.

Yes. Anyone can do these tracks. Everyone can do it at their own pace, taking the time your want.

Not directly from us, but we can arrange motorcycle renting for the time you need, with one of our partners.

The tours are set-up in gpx format, and they are easily transferable to the navigation method of your choice. Weather it’s a GPS sat nav, or simply an app on your phone there should be no problem. However, we are here to help you if you so require.

You can make the detours that you want, and do the stages of the tours in as little or as much time you feel like. In fact, we can send a few suggestions ourselves. However the GPX file itself is not changeable. If you wish to make a detour simply leave the route and get back on it later on.

We can make a customized tour for your specific needs. Just let us know what you need and we’ll deliver.

No. But we can arrange for your, or your party accommodations if you so require, at an extra fee. You see, one of the biggest advantages of a ready to ride tour is being able to adapt preferences and budget. Tell us about yours, we’ll take care of the rest.

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