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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Discover an epic 9-day roadtrip that takes you on an exhilarating journey tracing the borders of Portugal. Spanning 2500 kilometers, our immersive route embraces the most diverse landscapes, from the captivating coastlines to awe-inspiring mountains and tranquil plains. Draw a line around the map.

Riding Enjoyment
Landscape variety
9 stages

About the Route

Portugal is one of the best destinations in the world for motorcycle tours and adventure travel. Endowed by nature with an excellent climate all year round, there are few days that don’t lend themselves to a road trip. When you combine these natural conditions with fantastic roads that are among the best in Europe, culture, gastronomy, activities, and people that are always welcoming, you get something that is very hard to beat.

We’ve been touring Portugal for over 20 years. We know its best routes and how to connect them, always with the pleasure of driving in mind. Going on a road trip isn’t just about enjoying a few roads and bends. A few famous roads and tourist attractions are not enough. It’s a global experience where many factors count.

Portugal2Ride is a challenge that is adaptable to everyone. Designed to be done on a motorcycle, because… we like to travel by motorcycle, it can also be done by car, in a motorhome, with the family or solo, in any way you wish.

It is divided into 9 stages, each of which can be the beginning or the end of your adventure.


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The Portugal 2 ride Route

the Portugal2ride tour pack includes

The Portugal2Ride route is free and exclusive when you buy the tour pack. It’s in GPX format, divided into Stages, and can be used on a GPS navigation system or even on your smartphone

An easy way to get the overall feel of the motorcycle tour, general recommendations, and each stage information

If you’re a member of our community, we haven’t forgotten about you. With the purchase of each pack (t-shirt, passport and stickers), we not only offer the route, but also include some suggestions along the way to make your trip even more memorable.

THE tour Pack

p2r gpx (1000 × 1000 px)
Free GPX route

Download and use it on your prefered navigation system, or in your smartphone

p2r tshirt frente (1000 × 1000 px)
tour T-shirt

Exclusive tour t-shirt. Remember your adventure every time you wear it

p2r passport (1000 × 1000 px)
Tour Passport

Stamp your ride into every accomplishment recording every stage

P2rsticker set (1000 × 1000 px)
Tour Stickers

A set of stickers, exclusive to this epic tour - Portugal2Ride - Around Portugal

Package Addons

Route booking

We take care of your sleep-overs, experiences, according to your likes

Route planning

We will plan your route from the destinations you decide

Route Personalization

Our ready to ride tours adjusted to your preferences

Rider Support

We are here to answer your questions and deliver solutions to all issues

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Take on the challenge an depart on an epic adventure

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