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The most UNIQUE motorcycle travel EXPERIENCE in Portugal

Portugal has plenty of iconic roads, amazing landscapes, and great experiences to offer. Now imagine this: Self-guided motorcycle tours, that are not restricted to one, two or even three of these roads; motorcycle routes that embrace all the variety of landscapes; ready to ride journeys that combine it all. These are the 2wheelsonroad Signature Tours.

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Amazing routes

Routes that cover an entire country from different perspectives

Perfect stage duration

Stages are calculated to be perfect in distance, to allow you to enjoy the ride


Included on the routes are numerous of the best biking roads in Portugal


Lots of km's without leaving one country


End or start on any riding stage. Do it at your pace


Perfect for solo travel , a small group, or larger party


You will want to remember the accomplishment of these tours


The tours are designed to take through the country, the people and the ride


One of a kind challenges, Thought, tried and tested motorcycle self-guided travel tours, that you’ll want do ride, remember, and probably repeat

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All our signature Tours include

Our signature tours routes are free and exclusive when you buy the tour pack. They are in GPX format, divided into Stages, and can be used on a GPS navigation system or even on your smartphone

An easy way to get the overall feel of the motorcycle tour, general recommendations, and each stage information

If you’re a member of our community, we haven’t forgotten about you. With the purchase of each pack (t-shirt, passport and stickers), we not only offer the route, but also include some suggestions along the way to make your trip even more memorable.

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