Mosquito Warfare, Hidden Postcards, and Motorcycle Adventures in Scotland

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Welcome back, fellow 2-wheeler enthusiasts! It’s time to head north… well, even further north on our epic motorcycle journey.

But first, let’s talk about last night’s camping adventure. I left a link on the previous adventure log entrance, but let me fill you in on the details. Setting up my tent cost a modest 10 pounds, and to my surprise, it came with an extra serving of free sympathy from the camping guy. Not only did he open the campsite after hours to accommodate me and my two-wheeled dreams factory, but he also offered valuable advice on Edinburgh and the current motorcycle security situation. He even went as far as offering to store all my luggage if I wanted to explore the city for the day. You see, foreign-plated bikes have become quite the temptation for a bunch of miscreants who have clearly lost touch with Scottish values and heritage. In fact, I had already been warned not to spend the night in Edinburgh unless I could secure a secure, enclosed location for my bike. So, with a heavy heart, I made a decision: I would get a taste of the city but then head north, towards the renowned NC500.

Edinburgh: A Glimpse of Culture, History, and Motorcycle Temptations

Edinburgh, oh Edinburgh! What a city it is—oozing with culture, steeped in history, and adorned with breathtaking architecture. I never felt unsafe, not even for a moment. However, the truth is, I have an insatiable craving for motorcycle adventures. A few hours were enough to sate my curiosity, and it was time to continue my journey northward. The open road beckoned, and I couldn’t resist its call. It was time to make my way to the NC500—a legendary route that promises awe-inspiring vistas and unforgettable riding experiences. But before that dream can materialize, there are still lots of interesting points on the route. Cairngorms National Park is just one of them and separates us from the starting point of NC500 at Inverness.

Heading North to the NC500: Looking for the Ultimate Riding Adventure

Now, let me tell you about today—the most epic day of my ride so far. I know, I know, I’ve said that before, and I might very well say it again as my journey progresses. But hey, as long as I keep feeling this immense excitement and joy about my adventure, it can only be a good sign, right?

The roads today were nothing short of motorcycling bliss. In fact, they were so good that some of them led to sky resorts. Imagine that! The roads were alive with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, reveling in every turn, inch by inch. Ah, the camaraderie of riders on a mission to conquer the twists and turns—it’s a sight to behold.

Stone Viewpoints and Serendipitous Postcards: Surprises Along the Way

But let’s move on to some noteworthy points. Along the route, you’ll come across stunning stone formations with holes that serve as viewpoints. One such viewpoint marked the location of a church. Naturally, I couldn’t resist riding towards it, and boy, was I rewarded. The view was simply breathtaking—a landscape that elevated the entire ride to a whole new level. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a little shop further down the road. And guess what? The picture of that very church was printed on a postcard. As I picked it up, the lady who owned the shop approached me with a beaming smile. It turns out that her husband had taken that exact picture from the viewpoint I had stopped at. She was standing right next to the church, just as depicted in the photograph. Talk about a serendipitous moment!

A Comical Mix-Up: Mistaken Identities on the Road

Now, let me entertain you with a funny story intro related to this unexpected encounter. As I was cruising along, a group of four riders zoomed past me. They were clearly on a mission, picking up their pace with each passing mile. Well, that’s when I decided to give my throttle a twist and match their speed. Little did they know, they mistook me for their fourth rider—a comical mix-up that left them scratching their heads, and looking for each other, as I effortlessly kept up with them. For the sake of motorcycle camaraderie, please don’t pull stunts like these.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the most amazing burger I found by the road. In life, we must savor the simple pleasures, even during our rides.

Mosquito Warfare: The Portuguese Rider’s Battle While Motorcycle Camping on a Budget

Now, let’s dive into a funny story. It seems word has spread about the Portuguese motorcycle rider on an epic quest to vanquish mosquitoes. These pesky insects have formed an army, seeking revenge for their fallen comrades. They had me pinned down in the camping area, and I had no choice but to make an honorable retreat into the sanctuary of my tent. Who would have thought that a battle against mosquitoes would become a memorable part of my Scottish adventure?

As for camping, it’s been an adventure in itself. This time, I managed to secure a spot for a mere 18 pounds—a fantastic way to keep my budget in check while embracing the thrill of motorcycle camping.

Braveheart Landscapes: Riding through Scotland’s Majestic Beauty

Lastly, do you remember the movie “Braveheart”? Well, let me tell you, the landscapes I’ve encountered on this journey are straight out of that film—majestic, awe-inspiring, and absolutely breathtaking. Scotland truly is a land of grandeur, where every twist and turn reveals a new chapter in this remarkable adventure.

Laughter, Twists, and Hidden Memories: The Essence of Motorcycle Adventures

So, my fellow riders, join me as we continue to explore the hidden gems, conquer the roads, and create memories that will make us laugh and reminisce for years to come. This is what motorcycle adventures are all about—embracing the unexpected, discovering hidden postcards, and living life with a twist of the throttle.

Until the next update, keep the rubber side down and the laughter flowing!

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