Sheep, Bumps, and Mosquito Mayhem – Epic Motorcycle Adventures in the Borderlands

Have you got your virtual adventure bike ready to ride? Great! Welcome back, fellow 2wheeler ladies and gents! We are on a crescendo here, and with every mile that we do, there is more to enjoy and share. And by we, I’m referring to me, my trusty adventure touring bike, and all of you. Though I departed solo, by now I feel that I have lots of people riding alongside me and that we are undertaking this adventure as a group… which reminds me that there is no better timing to thank you, than this one: Thank you for reading these chronicles! Yes, you! The one that takes the needed 5 minutes to read them, but makes me feel that we do all of this together.

Departure from Bala Lake: Embarking on an Epic Scottish Motorcycle Adventure

Departing from our picturesque camping spot near Bala Lake, our journey took us northward, with our sights set on the enchanting landscapes of Scotland. Our plan? To get as close to Edinburgh as possible, traverse England’s captivating Peak District along the way. Little did we know that this adventure would be filled with unexpected surprises, quirky encounters, and a battle against an army of mosquitoes.

The Road to Edinburgh: Riding Through England’s Enchanting Peak District

As we embarked on our Scottish escapade, I couldn’t help but notice that the British have a reputation for not being the friendliest people in the world. However, I quickly realized that when it comes to driving, they are undeniably the most civilized. The roads were a testament to their disciplined approach, offering a seamless and enjoyable experience for bikers like me.

Entering Wales was a breathtaking experience. The landscapes unfolded before our eyes, showcasing nature’s grandeur in all its glory. And the Peak District in England? It was absolutely worth riding. Though the roads in these regions had their fair share of imperfections, with patches and uneven surfaces, the stunning landscapes more than made up for it.

But it was upon entering Scotland that we genuinely entered a different world. The landscapes seemed to defy belief, surpassing even our wildest expectations. The tarmac was impeccable, the roads were a motorcyclist’s dream come true, and the twists and hairpin turns beckoned us to push the limits of our bikes. If we had to choose a place to live based solely on the joy of motorcycle touring, Scotland would be our ultimate destination. And the A68 road connecting with Edinburgh? It was simply perfection, leaving us yearning for more miles, more riding, and more hours on the seat, basking in pure satisfaction.

More Sheep Than People: Curiosities Along the Way

Speaking of Scotland, it felt like every UK resident was obliged to have more sheep than people. We encountered more fluffy creatures grazing in the fields than we had ever seen in our entire lives. We couldn’t help but wonder if Shaw the Sheep would suddenly appear, chased by an energetic dog and a bewildered farmer, crossing the road in our path.

The Thrills of Scotland’s “Ups and Downs” Roads

Tunnels, however, were a rarity in Scotland. Instead, the roads treated us to an exhilarating experience of ups and downs. As kids, we delighted in riding a patch of road near our hometown called “Sobe e Desce,” where we attempted to lift the front wheel during a thrilling descent. But in Scotland, those bumps took on a whole new level of excitement. They were larger, steeper, and seemed to stretch for miles on end. No tunnels or smooth contours here—just straight lines leading to open roads where the top of the hills was the only thing in sight, teasing us with endless possibilities.

Mosquito Mayhem: Battling Uninvited Radiator Guests

And then there were the mosquitoes—those pesky creatures that seemed to await our arrival at the Scottish border. Many of them found their final resting place on the radiator of my trusty GS1200, an air/oil-cooled bike. As the bike heated up, I found myself with an extra job—cleaning the radiator more frequently than usual. Who knew that battling mosquitoes would become an unexpected part of our Scottish adventure? Of course, it can also mean that I rode more miles, spent more hours on the seat, and had more fun while doing it.

Closing Thoughts

So, from the serene shores of Bala Lake to the land of sheep, bumps, and mosquito mayhem, our motorcycle odyssey through Scotland was filled with laughter, wonder, and a few unforgettable challenges. As we soaked in the magnificent views, taking on each twist and turn with exhilaration, we realized that sometimes the quirkiest moments make the most captivating memories.

Tonight we are setting up camp on the outskirts of Edinburgh, at the Lothian Bridge Caravan Park, but more on that and the other info, tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more!

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