Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man

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Welcome back, 2wheeler ladies and gents! Are you ready to finally get to the Isle of Man? It’s just a 3-hour ferry ride. But can it be that easy? Well… it can, it could, but… it wasn’t. So grab your helmets, switch on the intercom, and join me as I talk you through what should have been and what really happened along the way!

Today was a direct journey from Glasgow, where we were on the last stage, to the outskirts of Liverpool, all in pursuit of reaching the ferry to the coveted Isle of Man. Securing a ticket for the ferry had been a challenge, so this solution had to work. Departing from Scotland and heading to England, my goal was to witness the legendary Isle of Man TT races. With my camera in hand, I captured moments on the highway, despite my aversion to them, acknowledging their occasional necessity.

Confessions of an Unexpected Adventure

Has the day started, I must confess I thought this was going to be a simple straightforward day, with no surprises along the way. It would be the same great motorcycle touring, with great green landscapes, a small detour to see a friend, and the happiness of achieving a dream of mine. I really thought that I could get away with a few pictures, and a short report, and leave the writing to the good stuff happening on the Isle of Man. However, It turned out to be much more than that. Ah, the always present reminder that in life, the simplest things are the hardest to achieve.

Road Surprising Views and Old Friends Encounters

As I traveled, I noticed horses and what seemed to be a large Gypsy community celebrating the holiday with fervor, enjoying barbecues and embracing the summer weather. With their chariots lined up by the dozens, it sure was a sight to be seen. It felt as if everyone had stepped out of their homes, making it reminiscent of a summer’s day.

Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man
Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man
Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man

Along the way, I quickly stopped in Shipley to visit my friend Simon at BMW. He had once worked for Alan Jefferies, but those times are now in the past. The Alan Jefferies dealerships, hailed from a family with over 100 years of history in the motorcycle industry. They were a family of avid motorcycle riders, with several members achieving remarkable feats such as winning the TT races. However, in recent times, the family succumbed to the pressure and decided to sell their dealerships to a mega-group, Vertu, transforming their once-familial business into just another corporate entity. Such is the nature of progress!

Simon confirmed that the horses and chariots were in fact, a gypsy community that lived over there. He too was delighted by the warm temperatures quite unusual for this time of the year. As for me, I was tempted to put on more clothing. Unfortunately, I had to bid farewell to Simon as time urged, but it sure is nice to catch up with old friends. May more opportunities come in the future!

Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man

Arrival at the Port of Liverpool

Rushing to make it to the Port of Liverpool on time, I arrived at the beginning of the check-in process. As the minutes ticked away, the anticipation grew. Once the check-in was complete, I parked my motorcycle on the ferry and secured my belongings. With my wallet and phone in hand, so I thought, I felt prepared to embark on just another ferry journey.

unforeseen adventures: from glasgow to the isle of man
Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man

The Lost Wallet Misadventure

Passengers ascended to the main deck, and the journey began. Roughly 30 minutes into the voyage, hunger struck, and I decided to head to the bar for a bite to eat. It was already 9 p.m., and I hadn’t even had lunch. As I reached for my wallet in my jacket, I realized it wasn’t there. Perhaps it was in my pants pocket? No luck. Could it be inside my helmet? NO!

In a state of panic, I frantically searched for my wallet, which contained everything I needed for the trip—identification, credit cards, and more. Desperate for help, I approached a staff member, who was off-duty but standing by the kitchen entrance. In broken English, I explained my predicament. Come to see, there was no need for English as the staffer was Portuguese. He kindly offered to go to the front desk with me to request access to the garage area, where my motorcycle was stored. Unfortunately, I had to wait a little longer before I could retrieve my belongings.

Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man
Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man
Unforeseen Adventures: From Glasgow to the Isle of Man

The Wallet’s Secret Hiding Place

Finally, the moment arrived, and I descended into the ferry’s garage with the staff member by my side. We scoured the area around my motorcycle, checked the ground, and even peeked beneath the seat. Just as I was about to give up, I discovered my wallet in the most unexpected spot, almost mocking me with its hidden location. It seemed my belongings had a mischievous life of their own, playing tricks on me when I least expected it.

A Portuguese Hospitality Surprise

Relieved and with a triumphant smile, I headed to the onboard kitchen to satisfy my hunger. To my delight, Portuguese music was erupting from the walls inside, and I discovered that the kitchen staff was predominantly Portuguese. Their hard work and dedication were evident in the delicious meal they served. I opted for a mouthwatering hamburger, and the Portuguese lady working there kindly included a complimentary serving of fries. This act of generosity and hospitality reminded me of the unwavering spirit of the Portuguese community. No matter where they are, they effortlessly integrate into different cultures while preserving their own traditions. One of the many reasons why motorcycle riders choose Portugal as a motorcycle destination.

The Unconventional Ferry Motivational Speaker

As I savored every bite of my meal, an encounter unfolded that was beyond comprehension. I was approached by a person who appeared to be an ordinary bartender but soon revealed himself to be a disguised motivational speaker. I had asked him where to leave my tray, and in broken English, way worst than mine, he inquired, “Are you here resting?” At least, that’s what I thought he said. I responded affirmatively, but he insisted. “Are you racing?”. Oh… Racing! That’s what he wanted to know. I said no. I’m definitely not racing. It’s dangerous I could die. I also made the mistake of saying: “and it is also expensive” … and suddenly, everything changed. He shifted roles as if a whole new scene had been set. Now, I found myself sitting on a sofa in front of a “coach” who urged me to examine my life choices, pushed me to strive for self-improvement, and insisted I could win the IMTT race and a hefty prizemoney with the right mindset. Despite my concerns about the dangers involved and my desire to be present for my two daughters, the motivational speaker persisted, trying to convince me that I could achieve greatness by changing my way of thinking. His last phrase still echoes in my head: “You can not think like that, you will win the race and you will win the prize.”

A Roaming Expense Surprise

Amidst the comical adventures, I received an unexpected message from my telecom operator about exceeding the data roaming limit. My internet service was suspended until the end of the month, and I was instructed to send an SMS or contact my account administrator to continue browsing. Clearly, things weren’t getting any better for me at that moment. Who would have thought that the UK telecom agreement did not include the Isle of Man? One more lesson learned: always confirm your roaming agreement before traveling!

Final Thoughts

The ferry journey to the Isle of Man proved to be an unforgettable experience filled with unexpected encounters, misplaced wallets, Portuguese hospitality, and even a disguised motivational speech. Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it, and it’s essential to approach these situations with a sense of humor and open-mindedness. As I continue my adventures, I eagerly embrace the unknown, ready for more hilarious anecdotes and captivating moments along the way.

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