The Ultimate Motorcycle Travel Adventure Books List

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Must-Read Books On Motorcycle Travel And Adventure

Traveling by motorcycle is a unique way to explore the world, providing a thrilling sense of adventure and freedom that is hard to match with any other mode of transportation. But what makes motorcycle travel truly special is the profound impact it can have on us. 

Countless books have been written about the personal journeys of motorcycle riders, detailing their unforgettable adventures, challenges, and unexpected events that lead to self-discovery and transformation.

The beauty of these stories is that they can resonate with readers on a personal level, inspiring them to embark on their own motorcycle adventures and experience the same transformative power. This is the magic of communication, of the written word, and of the human capacity to break free from old patterns and embrace new levels of growth.


I bet if you have been living your motorcycle travel adventures for a long time, you too could have a book written.

If you are just starting out, or dreaming about it, start by taking a look at some of the books written about motorcycle travel. You might just find yourself embarking on your own life-changing journey, in ways you never imagined.

I’ll warn you though, that this list of the best books on motorcycle travel, is not a small one. It’s the ultimate list of motorcycle travel books you’ll ever need. So if you feel overwhelmed, feel free to use the links to jump directly to more detailed information on each one.

These books, listed in no particular order, cover a range of topics related to motorcycle travel, including adventure, memoirs, travelogues, and more.

Must-Read Motorcycle Travel and Adventure Books


Jupiter’s Travels, by Ted Simon

Jupiter’s Travels is a classic motorcycle travelogue written by British journalist and writer Ted Simon. In the early 1970s, Simon set out on an epic journey around the world on his Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle. His adventure lasted four years and took him through over 45 countries and across 100,000 miles.

During his journey, Simon encountered a diverse range of people and cultures and faced a variety of challenges, both physical and emotional. He battled harsh weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, and even imprisonment, but also experienced moments of joy and wonder as he explored the world on two wheels.

Through his vivid storytelling and insightful reflections, Simon offers readers a glimpse into the joys and challenges of long-distance motorcycle travel, as well as a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our world. “Jupiter’s Travels” is a must-read for anyone interested in adventure, travel, or the motorcycle lifestyle.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert M. Pirsig

One of my favorites, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a philosophical exploration of the concept of quality, seen through the lens of motorcycle maintenance and a cross-country journey on a motorcycle.

The book follows a father and son as they travel from Minnesota to California on a motorcycle, while the father explores the meaning of quality and its connection to human existence. Along the way, the book delves into topics such as the nature of knowledge, the relationship between science and spirituality, and the search for meaning in life.

Pirsig’s lyrical writing style and philosophical musings have made this book a classic in both the motorcycle and literary worlds, inspiring generations of readers to seek meaning and beauty in the world around them.

Long Way Round, by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman

Long Way Round is the book that follows the epic journey of actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they travel from London to New York City on their motorcycles. This book is a companion to the popular TV series of the same name, which chronicled their adventures across Europe, Central Asia, Russia, and North America.

Throughout the book, McGregor and Boorman provide a personal account of their journey, detailing the highs and lows of their travels. They share stories of the people they meet, the challenges they face, and the incredible landscapes they encounter along the way.

As they ride through remote and often dangerous areas, the two men confront their fears and learn to rely on each other for support. Through their experiences, they come to understand the true meaning of friendship and the importance of living in the moment.

“Long Way Round” is a compelling read for anyone who dreams of embarking on a motorcycle adventure of their own. It offers a unique perspective on the joys and challenges of motorcycle travel and the unbreakable friendship bonds that a bike adventure creates.

One Man Caravan, by Robert Edison Fulton Jr.

First published in 1937, One Man Caravan is a classic travelogue that details the journey of Robert Edison Fulton Jr. as he travels solo from London to Tokyo on a motorcycle. This fascinating book recounts Fulton’s adventures through Europe, the Middle East, India, and China, offering a unique perspective on the world at the time. From the present point of view, I can’t help but be fascinated with the feats of motorcycle adventurers from past times, who often embraced motorcycle tours with a pure mindset.

Along the way, Fulton encounters a diverse range of cultures and landscapes, and his vivid descriptions bring the journey to life. He also shares insights into the challenges of long-distance motorcycle travel, including mechanical issues, harsh weather conditions, and cultural differences. “One Man Caravan” is a must-read for anyone interested in adventure travel and the early days of motorcycle touring.

Into Africa: Africa by Motorcycle – Every Day an Adventure, by Sam Manicom

Sam Manicom books will always figure out on any list. This particular one, Into Africa: Africa by Motorcycle – Every Day an Adventure, is a captivating tale of one man’s epic journey through Africa on his motorcycle. The author, Sam Manicom, leaves his comfortable life in England behind and embarks on a six-month solo adventure across the African continent.

Manicom’s journey takes him through a range of different landscapes, from the bustling cities of North Africa to the vast, empty deserts of the Sahara. Along the way, he encounters a wide variety of people, from friendly locals to dangerous criminals, and experiences the many challenges and rewards of traveling alone on a motorcycle.

Through Manicom’s vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling, we are taken on a journey of discovery, learning about the people, cultures, and history of Africa in a way that is both entertaining and informative. This motorcycle travel adventure, “Into Africa”, is a must-read that will inspire, entertain, and most certainly give you the urge of reading other Sam Manicom books.

Around The World On a Motorcycle: 1928 to 1936, by Zoltan Sulkowsky

Zoltan Sulkowsky details his incredible journey around the world on a motorcycle in the 1920s and 1930s. The book is not just a travelogue, but also a historical document, as Sulkowsky’s journey took place during a time of great political upheaval and change around the world. He provides insights into the social, cultural, and political conditions of the places he visited, offering a unique perspective on the world in the Epoque. 

Sulkowsky’s journey began in his native Hungary in 1928, when he set off on a 500cc Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the intention of circumnavigating the globe. His route took him through Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, covering a distance of over 100,000 kilometers.

Throughout the book, the author shares the challenges he faced on his journey, including mechanical breakdowns, extreme weather conditions, and dangerous encounters with wildlife and bandits. He also describes the incredible experiences he had along the way, such as meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and witnessing the natural beauty of the world.

Around the World on a Motorcycle: 1928 to 1936” is a fascinating read for anyone interested in travel, history, or adventure. Sulkowsky’s journey is a testament to the human spirit of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge, and his story will inspire you as much as it has inspired me.

Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road, by Neil Peart

Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road is a memoir by Neil Peart, the drummer, and lyricist for the rock band Rush. In this book, Peart recounts his motorcycle journey across North America after the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter. The journey serves as a form of therapy for Peart as he attempts to come to terms with his grief and find a sense of purpose. It’s amazing how open roads, a motorcycle, and people can serve as the catalyst for personal healing.

Along the way, crosses paths with a wide cast of characters, including fellow riders, mechanics, and friends, and reflects on his life and the people he has lost. A book that offers a unique perspective on the healing power of motorcycle travel and the transformative nature of motorcycle road trips.

The Road to Oxiana, by Robert Byron

Another book from past times, “The Road to Oxiana” is a travelogue written by British writer Robert Byron. This one chronicles Byron’s journey through Persia (modern-day Iran) and Afghanistan in 1933 and 1934, during which he explored the region’s ancient Islamic art and architecture.

Byron’s prose is known for its vivid imagery and wry humor, and the book is considered a classic of travel writing. “The Road to Oxiana” has been praised for its insights into the cultures and landscapes of the Middle East, as well as its reflections on the nature of travel and the human condition. The book has been reprinted many times and has influenced generations of writers and travelers.

The Motorcycle Diaries, by Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Who would have known that a young motorcycle traveler would turn out to be a major role player in a revolution? “The Motorcycle Diaries” is a memoir of the famous revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s journey across South America on his motorcycle in 1952. The book covers the 23-year-old Guevara’s travels with his friend, Alberto Granado, from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Venezuela, covering over 8,000 miles.

The book documents their experiences, interactions with the locals, and Guevara’s evolving political and social consciousness as he witnesses the struggles of the poor and oppressed throughout the continent. The “Motorcycle Diaries” are a testament to Guevara’s adventurous spirit and his desire to change the world. It is considered a classic of travel literature and has inspired countless motorcycle riders to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery

Riding High: The Stories that Jupiter’s Travels Didn’t Tell, by Ted Simon

Riding High: The Stories that Jupiter’s Travels Didn’t Tell by Ted Simon is a memoir and travelogue that delves into the author’s personal experiences during his four-year motorcycle journey around the world, chronicled in his previous book “Jupiter’s Travels”. In this Ted Simon motorcycle travel book, his intimacy is shared and the untold stories of his travels, provide deeper insights into the people, cultures, and places he encountered on his journey.

From his encounters with nomads in Afghanistan to his close call with death in the Peruvian jungle, the book takes readers on a gripping adventure that goes beyond what was captured in “Jupiter’s Travels”. With his insightful and engaging writing style, Ted Simon provides a captivating account of his motorcycle travels that will inspire and entertain motorcycle enthusiasts and armchair travelers alike.

The Long Ride Home: From Sydney to London, by Nathan Millward

The Long Ride Home is a non-fiction book written by Nathan Millward, detailing his incredible journey from Sydney, Australia to London, England, on a motorcycle. The book tells the story of his epic adventure, which he embarked on in 2009, shortly after being made redundant from his job as a building surveyor in Australia.

With nothing to lose, Nathan decided to ride his trusty 105cc Honda motorcycle, affectionately named “Dorothy,” back to his home in England. The journey would take him across four continents, through deserts, jungles, mountains, and some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable regions.

Throughout the book, Nathan shares the challenges he faced on his journey, including mechanical breakdowns, language barriers, and dealing with the physical and mental toll of the long and grueling journey. He also describes the incredible experiences he had along the way, such as staying with hospitable locals, meeting other adventurers, and experiencing the beauty and diversity of the world’s landscapes and cultures.

“The Long Ride Home” is not just a travelogue, but also a personal story of self-discovery and finding purpose in life. Nathan’s journey shows that with determination, courage, and a willingness to take risks, anything is possible. The book is a great read for anyone interested in adventure travel, motorcycle culture, or personal growth and self-discovery.

The Rugged Road, by Theresa Wallach

The Rugged Road is a memoir written by Theresa Wallach, detailing her incredible journey on a motorcycle from London to Cape Town in the 1930s. The book recounts her experiences as a pioneering female motorcyclist and her adventures on the road as she navigated through rugged terrain and challenging conditions.

Wallach’s journey began in 1934, when she and her friend Florence Blenkiron set off on a 600cc single-cylinder Panther motorcycle from London, with the aim of traveling across Africa to Cape Town. The journey took them through Europe, the Middle East, and East Africa, covering a distance of over 18,000 miles.

Throughout the book, Wallach shares the challenges she faced on her journey, including mechanical breakdowns, extreme weather conditions, and encounters with dangerous animals and hostile locals. She also describes the incredible experiences she had along the way, such as staying with hospitable locals, meeting other adventurers, and experiencing the natural beauty of the world.

“The Rugged Road” is not just a travelogue, but also a personal story of self-discovery and breaking gender norms. Wallach’s journey was a groundbreaking achievement for women at the time, and her determination and courage paved the way for future generations of female adventurers.

Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books, by Ted Bishop

No motorbike travel book list would be complete without mentioning “Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books”. This memoir by Ted Bishop explores his motorcycle travel adventure and his love for literature. Bishop takes the reader on a journey through the Canadian Rockies, exploring the beauty and challenges of the landscape, while also reflecting on his own personal journey and the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke.

The book is a meditation on the joy of riding and the deeper meaning behind the journey. Bishop also delves into his passion for reading and how it has shaped his life and experiences on the road. “Riding with Rilke” is a poetic and introspective work that offers a unique perspective on motorcycle travel and the connection between literature and the open road.

The Great American Motorcycle Tour, by Gary McKechnie

“The Great American Motorcycle Tour” by Gary McKechnie is a comprehensive guide to exploring the United States on two wheels. The book provides detailed descriptions of scenic motorcycle routes, cultural landmarks, and historic sites, all of which are meant to inspire us to hit the road and discover the beauty and diversity of America.

Through the author’s own experiences, as well as interviews with other bikers and travel experts, the book covers everything from planning the trip to packing and preparing the bike. It also includes practical tips for dealing with road conditions, weather, and emergencies.

“The Great American Motorcycle Tour” is not only a guidebook, but also a celebration of the American spirit of adventure, freedom, and individualism that has been intertwined with motorcycle culture since the early 20th century. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, this book is sure to inspire you to explore the open road and experience the thrill of motorcycle travel.

The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles, by Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Mellissa Holbrook Pierson’s personal and philosophical exploration of motorcycles and the experience of riding resulted in “The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles”. The author delves into the history of motorcycles, their cultural significance, and the unique appeal of motorcycle travel. She also reflects on her own experiences as a rider, and how the challenges and rewards of riding have shaped her life.

With a mix of memoir, history, and philosophy, “The Perfect Vehicle” is a thoughtful and engaging meditation on the joy and freedom of motorcycle riding.

The Road to Gobblers Knob: From Chile to Alaska on a Motorbike, by Robert L. Witzel

“The Road to Gobblers Knob: From Chile to Alaska on a Motorbike” is a motorbike travel book memoir by Robert L. Witzel. In the book, Witzel recounts his journey from Chile to Alaska on his motorcycle, sharing his experiences and observations along the way. He describes the challenges he faced, from treacherous mountain passes to harsh weather conditions, as well as the beauty and diversity of the landscapes he encountered. Witzel also shares insights into the cultures and peoples he met, from indigenous communities to fellow travelers. Through his personal narrative, “The Road to Gobblers Knob” celebrates the adventure and freedom of motorcycle travel and the transformative power of the open road.

Uneasy Rider: Travels Through a Mid-Life Crisis, by Mike Carter

In “Uneasy Rider: Travels Through a Mid-Life Crisis“, Mike Carter shares his journey on a motorcycle tour around the coast of Britain while reflecting on his mid-life crisis. The book was born out of his desire to explore the beauty and diversity of the British coast and to find meaning and purpose in his life. That, after a broken heart, and a somewhat drunk decision to embark on an adventure motorcycle travel.

Carter set off on his journey on a Yamaha XT 600 motorcycle in 2011, traveling clockwise around the coast of Britain, covering 5,000 miles. Throughout the book, he shares his experiences on the road, from the challenges of riding in difficult weather conditions to the joys of meeting new people and discovering hidden gems along the way.

However, this travelogue is more than just a motorcycle trip book. In this travel book, Carter confronts his mid-life crisis and reflects on his personal life. He explores themes such as aging, relationships, and the search for meaning and purpose, providing an honest and introspective account of his journey.

“Uneasy Rider” is a great read for anyone who has ever faced a mid-life crisis or who is interested in personal growth. Carter’s journey serves as an inspiration for readers to confront their own challenges and fears, and his writing style is engaging and humorous, making the book an enjoyable and relatable read.

10 Years on 2 Wheels: 77 Countries, 250,000 Miles, by Helge Pederson

Speaking of the best motorbike travel books… Helge Pederson’s experiences, insights, and inspirations gained during his ten-year journey covering over 250,000 miles through 77 countries could easily be one of the best motorcycle adventure books.

Pederson’s journey began in 1982 when he left his home in Norway on a BMW R80G/S motorcycle. He traveled through Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, encountering a diverse range of cultures, landscapes, and experiences. And what a set of experiences. From crossing the world’s largest desert to being a safari worker in Malawi, or being placed under house arrest in Somalia, throughout the book, Pederson shares the challenges he faced on the road. He was the first to cross overland the famous Darrien Gap, and along his 10-year motorcycle tour, he overcame mechanical breakdowns, political unrest, and extreme weather conditions. He also recounts the incredible experiences he had along the way, such as staying with hospitable locals, meeting other adventurers, and experiencing the natural beauty of the world.

The book is a personal story of self-discovery and adventure. Pederson reflects on the lessons he learned and the insights he gained during his journey, as well as the personal growth and transformation that occurred along the way.

Pederson’s journey is a testament to the power of travel to broaden our perspectives and enrich our lives, and his writing style is engaging and informative, making the book a captivating and inspiring read, and one of the best motorcycle travel books ever.

Way to Go: Two of the World’s Great Motorcycle Journeys, by Geoff Hill

Way to Go: Two of the World’s Great Motorcycle Journeys is a captivating travelogue by award-winning journalist Geoff Hill, chronicling his two epic motorcycle journeys from Delhi to Belfast on a Royal Enfield and from Chicago to LA on a Harley-Davidson. The book is a culmination of Hill’s years of experience in travel writing, presenting a thoughtful, hilarious, and off-beat account of his adventures.

In the first journey, Hill sets off from Delhi on a Royal Enfield motorcycle, traversing through some of the most challenging terrains and environments in India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Europe before finally arriving in Belfast. Throughout his journey, Hill encounters a wide range of people, cultures, and experiences, and his writing captures the essence of each of these encounters in vivid detail.

In the second journey, Hill sets off from Chicago on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, crossing the United States and experiencing the quintessential American road trip. From the windswept prairies of the Midwest to the majestic mountains of the West Coast, Hill takes readers on a thrilling ride across America, capturing the sights, sounds, and experiences along the way.

Two Wheels Through Terror: Diary of a South American Motorcycle Odyssey, by Glen Heggstad

Two Wheels through Terror: Diary of a South American Motorcycle Odyssey is an adventurous travelogue by Glen Heggstad, in which he narrates his journey across South America on his motorcycle. The book takes the readers on a thrilling journey as Heggstad recounts his experiences of traveling through dangerous terrains and hostile environments.

Heggstad’s journey began in Colombia and took him through Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, where he had several life-threatening encounters. From drug traffickers to guerrilla fighters, he encountered numerous challenges on his journey. Despite these challenges, he remained determined to complete his journey and discover the beauty of South America.

The book offers a unique perspective on South America, providing insights into the culture and lifestyle of the people. It is a gripping and engaging read that is sure to inspire anyone who dreams of embarking on a motorcycle adventure.

Touching the World: A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles, by Cathy Birchall

Touching the World” is an incredible story of courage, perseverance, and adventure. Written by Cathy Birchall and her companion Bernard Smith, the book chronicles their journey to become the first blind person to ever circle the world on a motorbike, riding an 18-year-old BMW R100.

The book is a captivating read, detailing their journey through desolate and dangerous mountain roads, difficult border crossings, and numerous mechanical breakdowns. The challenges they faced were immense, but they never let her blindness stop them from experiencing the world.

Despite the setbacks, Birchall and Smith managed to achieve incredible feats, such as climbing Wayna Picchu and riding an elephant mounted from the front using its trunk. Along the way, they also visited the Centre for Blind Women in Delhi, where they talked to women abandoned by their husbands, providing a poignant perspective on the challenges faced by those who are visually impaired.

Their writing is heart-warming and reflective, offering a vivid account of the world around them, often hilarious and always positive. The book serves as an inspiration to anyone who has ever questioned their own self-imposed boundaries and challenges the reader to push beyond their own limits.

“Touching the World” is a captivating read that showcases the incredible resilience and strength of the human spirit and serves as a reminder that anything is possible with determination and perseverance.

To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle, by Lawrence Hacking

To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle is a thrilling account of Lawrence Hacking’s journey to the infamous Dakar Rally. Hacking takes readers on a wild ride across North Africa, through the Sahara Desert, and into the heart of what would be the last of the iconic rally’s route Paris-Dakar. Along the way, he encounters sandstorms, treacherous roads, and the harsh realities of living on the edge. Challenges, shared by the thousands of men and women who enter the most difficult rally-raid in the world.

Hacking shares his personal struggles and triumphs as he pushes himself and his bike to the limits, racing against the clock and his own fears. This is a must-read for any adventure seeker, motorcycle enthusiast, or anyone who dreams of pushing beyond their own limits and measuring against the sands of the desert.

Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World, by Elspeth Beard

Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World, documents Elspeth Beard’s incredible journey as the first British woman to motorcycle around the world. The book is a chronicle of Beard’s travels, her personal struggles, and the experiences she had on her journey.

Beard embarked on her journey in 1982, at the age of just 23. She set off on her BMW motorcycle from London, with the aim of traveling around the world. Her journey took her across Europe, through Asia, across the Pacific to the United States, and finally back to Europe.

The book delves into Beard’s personal journey as she grappled with the challenges of being a solo female traveler in a male-dominated world. She encountered a number of setbacks, including mechanical problems with her motorcycle, illness, and personal tragedy. However, she persevered and completed her journey, becoming a trailblazer for women in the world of adventure travel.

Throughout the book, Beard’s writing is candid and reflective, providing a detailed insight into the challenges and rewards of traveling solo around the world. She shares her experiences and insights on the different cultures she encountered, the people she met, and the personal growth and transformation that came with her journey.

“Lone Rider” is a testament to the power of travel to transform and inspire us, and her writing style is engaging and informative, making the book an unforgettable read.

In Search Of Greener Grass, by Graham Field

In Search Of Greener Grass is a captivating memoir by Graham Field, a passionate motorbike traveler, who takes readers on an adventure of a lifetime. With a dry, cynical, and opinionated wit, Graham shares his experiences and offers practical advice on preparation for motorbike travels. The book is part guidebook, featuring routes worth traveling and what to expect from them, and part life story, filled with anecdotes and knowledge gathered from over twenty-five years of travel. Graham’s narrative is full of insightful observations, occasional wisdom, and sporadic alcohol-fueled inspiration, with a little rebellion and defiance.

The book takes readers on a journey to Mongolia and beyond, as Graham discovers truths, questions them, and reassesses everything. He rides into the unknown, searching for contentment around the next corner, occasionally finding it, and then missing it. In Search of Greener Grass is a tale of insecurities, enlightenment, banter, and bollocks, all from inside the helmet of someone who knows better, forgets and continues to explore. This book will resonate with anyone who has a passion for bikes, travel, and adventure.

Trekking Marco Polo, by Timothy Severin

In Trekking Marco Polo, Timothy Severin embarks on an extraordinary adventure, following in the footsteps of the great explorer Marco Polo. Using Polo’s journals as his guide, Severin travels from Venice to Afghanistan on a motorbike. Along the way, he and his companions face a range of challenges, including crashes, floods, sandstorms, and linguistic difficulties.

Severin’s account of his journey is a witty and enthralling tale, filled with adventure and unexpected encounters. From the bustling towns and stunning landscapes of Turkey and Afghanistan to the Valley of the Assassins and the village of the Magi, Severin explores both ancient and modern worlds. Despite his foot being in a cast, he even takes a camel ride through the Deh Bakri Pass in search of the famed apples of paradise.

Trekking Marco Polo is a fascinating read that transports us on a journey through time and across continents. It is a testament to the power of human curiosity and the enduring spirit of adventure.

Road Wise: An Odyssey of Machine, Maps & Meditations, by John Fabian

Road Wise: An Odyssey of Machine, Maps & Meditations, is a travelogue by journalist John Fabian. The book follows his 3,600-mile motor scooter journey through nine states and one Canadian province, where he visited three special friends and returned to the town where he grew up after being absent for decades. But this is not just a simple travel story – it’s an odyssey of self-discovery.

Throughout his journey, John encountered a variety of challenges, including a hailstorm, intense heat, and a steep mountain road crash that left him injured. He also got lost, ran out of gas, and found shelter where he could. However, he also experienced moments of kindness and generosity from strangers, including a Hindu holy man and a motorcycle gang member.

John’s journey allowed him to connect with a diverse range of people, from farmers and campers to convenience store owners and artists. He even found time to search for ethanol-free gasoline and the perfect breakfast while contemplating the meaning of life. And all of this was done on a 150cc motor scooter, which could only go up to 35mph.

Despite the challenges, John maintained his equilibrium with meditation and an open mind, allowing him to gain a new perspective on his life and the world around him. Road Wise is not just a travelogue, but also an inspiring story of self-discovery and the power of human connections.

Two Fingers On The Jugular: A motorcycle journey across Russia, by Lawrence Bransby

Lawrence Bransby, an award-winning author and motorcycle adventurer, takes on the challenge of riding the Road of Bones, one of the most dangerous roads in the world, in his latest journey across Russia. This remote and lawless region is home to the Kolyma Highway, where dozens of people die every year from various causes. Bransby embarks on this adventure alone on an old DR350 bike that had been stored in a shed in Kyrgyzstan for two years.

In “Two Fingers on the Jugular,” Bransby takes readers on his three-month, 20,000km journey through Russia, sharing his intimate experiences and encounters along the way. This thrilling and captivating travelogue is sure to inspire and amaze adventure enthusiasts and armchair travelers alike.

A Short Ride in the Jungle: The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle, by Antonia Bolingbrook-Kent

A Short Ride in the Jungle: The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle, written by Antonia Bolingbrook-Kent, is a captivating travelogue that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the rugged terrain of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The author, a seasoned adventurer, is on a personal quest to explore the Ho Chi Minh Trail, one of the most remarkable military engineering feats in history, before it is lost forever to the encroaching jungle.

With an aging Honda Cub as her trusty steed, Antonia embarks on a 2000-mile journey through mountains and jungles, battling inhospitable terrain, multiple breakdowns, and the threat of unexploded bombs. Along the way, she meets former American fighter pilots, tribal chiefs, illegal loggers, and bomb disposal experts, each with their own unique story to tell.

As she traverses the treacherous Mondulkiri Death Highway, Antonia experiences moments of terror and doubt, unsure if she will make it out alive. But she also encounters heartwarming moments of human connection and camaraderie, proving that even in the most remote and challenging of circumstances, kindness and compassion can still flourish.

A Short Ride in the Jungle is a thrilling and poignant account of an unforgettable journey, offering readers a unique insight into a little-known face of Southeast Asia. With vivid descriptions, engaging anecdotes, and a healthy dose of humor, Antonia Bolingbrook-Kent’s travelogue is sure to captivate you to seek your own motorcycle adventures.

Eureka: Finding The Line Between Desire and Contentment, Then Riding It, by Graham Field

In Eureka: Finding The Line between Desire and Contentment, Then Riding It, Graham Field takes readers on another adventure, this time through the often-overlooked Caucasus region on his KLR650 motorcycle. Field’s diary-style account is characterized by his trademark honesty and self-reflection, as he encounters pivotal moments that transform his journey. One such moment leads him to join a street demonstration against a foreign government, while another leads to the discovery of a hidden gem in Georgia. Through it all, Field embraces the unpredictability of the road, realizing that it is impossible to control his mood but accepting it can lead to the most enlightening travel experiences. “Eureka” is a testament to the power of travel to transform and enrich our lives.

The Moment Collectors: Twenty Travellers’ Tales from Around the World, by Sam Manicom

The Moment Collectors: Twenty Travellers’ Tales from Around the World, by Sam Manicom, is a book that celebrates motorcycle overlanding. The book features twenty authors sharing their experiences, surprises, and all the natural drama of travel. Each author shares their high points, low points, challenges, and outcomes. The book is filled with moments from each author where the reason they are out there living their dreams suddenly and wonderfully comes to life.

Readers can travel with the authors to the big sky plains of Mongolia, African Deserts, the majesty of the Pamir Highway, the far reaches of Alaska, the breathtaking drama of Andean backroads, and the rugged Trans-Labrador Highway. The book also delves into the intriguing world of the Sinai, meets surfers in Mexico, and is hosted by Iron Angels in Russia. Along the way, readers meet Slavic the jaw-dropping Polish streaker, hike a turquoise glacier in Argentina, stay in a love motel, ride the top of the world with Golden Eagles, and much more.

With over 70 illustrations and 20 photographs, The Moment Collectors brings the magic of long-distance motorcycle travel vividly to life. The book features international travel and retains the clear identity of each contributor. The contributors come from seven different countries, and their styles, spelling, slang, and national quirks are alive within the chapters. Some authors ride two-up, some ride in pairs, and others are solo riders. The book is a full mix of experienced globe-riders and new wanderers exploring on two wheels.

BearBack: The World OverLand, by Pat Garrod

In an inspiring tale of adventure and self-discovery. Two medical general practitioners, tired of the rat race, pack their lives into a 41-liter pannier and set out on a motorcycle to explore the world. The book chronicles their journey across six continents and 64 countries, covering a distance of 100,000 miles unsupported. From the deserts of Africa to the mountains of the Andes, and from the jungles of Indochina to the Arctic Circle, the couple experiences the beauty and diversity of the world first-hand. The book is not just a story of adventure, but also a tale of love and personal discovery. The outstanding photos and inquiring prose capture the spirit of our fast-changing world, taking the reader on an unforgettable journey through dirt, dust, and flies. Bearback is an inspiration for anyone who has ever considered escaping the rat race and taking off on a motorcycle to see the world.

Two Wheels South, by Matias Corea

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Two Wheels South. Matias Corea takes you along with him and his friend Joel as they set out on a motorcycle adventure from Brooklyn to Ushuaia. The book offers a personal account of their trip and shares valuable insights on how to plan your own motorcycle journey.

From the American South to Central America, the book takes you through the twists and turns of their route, including crossing the infamous Darien Gap. Matias shares his experiences and offers practical advice on everything from choosing the right motorcycle to packing essentials and camping along the way.

The book is not just about the physical aspects of the journey, but also delves into the mental preparation required for such a long and challenging trip. Matias and Joel encounter setbacks and breakdowns, but these only serve to strengthen their resolve and teach them valuable lessons along the way.

As you read through the pages, you will feel the character of the roads and the smells of nature, experiencing the trip through the eyes of the riders. The book captures the essence of traveling on a motorcycle, one of the purest forms of travel.

After seven months and 13 countries, Matias and Joel return with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Two Wheels South is an invitation to join them on an unforgettable adventure and to inspire you to embark on your own journey.

Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran, by Lois Pryce

In Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran, travel writer Lois Pryce takes readers on a journey through Iran, a country often portrayed negatively in the Western media. After finding a note on her motorcycle, and despite warnings from friends and family, Lois sets off alone on a 3,000-mile motorcycle ride across the country, starting in Tabriz and ending in Shiraz.

Along the way, she meets a diverse range of Iranians, from carpet sellers to drug addicts, war veterans to housewives, doctors to teachers, and more. Through their stories, Lois provides a nuanced and complex portrayal of a country that is both modern and rooted in tradition, religious and hedonistic, practical and poetic. Revolutionary Ride is a fascinating and eye-opening account of contemporary Iran, and a testament to the power of travel to break down stereotypes and challenge preconceptions.

Why We Ride: A Psychologist Explains the Motorcyclist’s Mind and the Love Affair Between Rider, Bike, and Road, by Mark Barnes

Why We Ride, by Mark Barnes, Ph.D., is an insightful and engaging book that delves into the mind of a motorcyclist. The author, a clinical psychologist, and avid motorcyclist attempts to answer the most common questions non-riders ask: why would someone take up such a dangerous hobby? Barnes covers a wide range of topics, from sports psychology to psychoanalysis of common riding experiences. He also shares his own empirical research on motorcyclists, including what drives them to ride and their peak experiences.

The book is designed to be both an explanation for outsiders and an anthem for those within the fold. Barnes discusses the physical, emotional, and interpersonal elements that make motorcycling such a rich and exciting experience. He shares his own personal experiences of different types of motorcycling, such as street, trail, and track riding, and different ways to approach the hobby.

In addition, the book covers various aspects of the motorcycling lifestyle, including shopping for gear, planning trips, and even wrenching on bikes. Barnes also provides an in-depth explanation of the quasi-mystical state of “Flow,” a hot topic in modern sports psychology, and how riders can achieve it.


What Will These Books Do For You?

This just goes out to prove that there are plenty of inspiring motorcycle travel books out there to ignite your imagination and fuel your passion for adventure travel. From classic travelogues to modern-day memoirs, these are the best motorcycle travel books and offer a unique perspective on motorcycle travel and the transformative power of the open road.

So, why not rev up your reading and pick up one of these must-read books? Whether you are looking for practical advice, inspiration, or just a good story, there is something for everyone on this list. I can tell you right now that whatever book you choose, will be invaluable for your motorcycle camping trips. So, hop on your motorcycle and get ready to embark on a literary journey that will take you to the far corners of the world and beyond.

Did Your Favorite Books Make It On This List?

If you have read any of these books and want to share your view on them, or if your favorite book didn’t make it on this list, drop a comment down below, or simply get in touch. I’m always looking for new readings.

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