Sarajevo, Mostar, and Split: Motorcycle Chronicles Unveiled

The road to Mostar was a symphony of perfect riding conditions, a melody that set the tone for the adventures that awaited us. Arriving in Mostar felt like stepping into a different world

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Greetings, fellow 2wheel enthusiasts! Rui here, revving up for another exhilarating chapter of our journey. As the sun rises on Day 11, we find ourselves bidding farewell to the captivating city of Sarajevo, embarking on a road that weaves through history, takes us to Mostar’s iconic bridge, and lands us in Dalmatia, engulfed by the radiant beauty of Split. Let’s ride?

Sarajevo: Where Mountains and History Converge

Imagine waking up in the heart of the Balkans, surrounded by the grandeur of the Dinaric Alps, with the rich history of Sarajevo unfolding before your eyes. This city, once the crown jewel of the Ottoman Balkans, stands as a testament to the melting pot of cultures, religions, and stories that have shaped its identity. From its role as an Ottoman stronghold to its tragic chapters marked by wars, Sarajevo wears its scars and stories like a badge of honor – just like the Sarajevo Roses – too many scars, from too many wars. The last one was the War of Bosnia, that forged the current map lines for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kind of leaves us wondering what did these people have to endure. With that question lingering inside our minds, we made our preparations to get back on the road.

Tunnel of Hope: A Journey Beneath the Surface

But before we set our wheels in motion, a visit to the Tunnel of Hope was a must. This subterranean passage, a beacon of hope during the city’s darkest days, serves as a reminder of the resilience and spirit of the Bosnian people. Imagine an 840-meter-long tunnel, that runs under the city and the airport, carved by hand, amidst relentless shelling, connecting Sarajevo’s trapped residents to the outside world. The only way to get the much-needed supplies that kept residents alive. It’s a testament to the strength that humanity can muster even in the bleakest hours. It is also a reminder of the suffering that the belligerent war desires can inflict on mankind.

Mostar Beckons: From Bridges to Bargains

Leaving the somber echoes of the tunnel behind, our path led us to Mostar, a town that’s much more than its iconic bridge. More or less 80 km separated us from our destination. The road to Mostar was a symphony of perfect riding conditions, a melody that set the tone for the adventures that awaited us. Arriving in Mostar felt like stepping into a different world – the sun’s warmth was mirrored in the vibrant atmosphere of the town, and the temperatures on the high side promised to make our visit to Mostar another challenge. The experience came to the rescue once again as we headed straight for a favorite spot that we discovered the last time with Mario and Nuno. A bar where the people that run it, make it much more than a simple place to grab a drink. Not only did it safeguard our bikes and gear, but it also provided a sanctuary for us to unwind over coffee, all while soaking in the Mostar Bridge’s architectural marvel. Imagine parking your bike, helmet, jacket, and all the luggage, for a mere 5 euros, and still get awesome people to share stories with. – a bargain!

Sarajevo, Mostar, and Split: Motorcycle Chronicles Unveiled

From Mostar to Split: Navigating Costly Croatian Waters

As the wheels spun on, Croatia’s Split emerged as our next destination. Croatia, a land of stunning landscapes and historical charm, also happened to be home to a different league of prices. And Split is no different. Balancing our budget while keeping the adventure alive became a high-stakes game. On a long ride like this one, we want to balance the budget that we set aside. Fewer expenses with sleeping arrangements mean more money for gas and more time out exploring, more time on the road motorcycle adventure touring. Just for you to have a notion of the differences, we jumped from 70 euros a night in a prime location five-star hotel in Albania, to 160 euros per night here. And it was far from Split’s city center. This time around, it had to be about maximizing our explorations with fewer sleeping expenses.

The Night Visit and the Splendors of Split

Split welcomed us with open arms and a sense of grandeur that only history-soaked cities possess. Our wallets may have felt the pinch, but our spirits soared as we navigated the old town’s labyrinthine streets at night. Amidst the sea of tourists and the sky-high prices, we found a way to embrace the city’s splendor, even if just for a fleeting moment. Dining options might have been scarce, but the ambiance was charged with the energy of adventure seekers, igniting our souls with wanderlust. If your motorcycle touring plans send you down this way, it might be better to plan a visit in another season, with fewer tourists. But do come here to Split, because the city is magnificent and totally worth it.

A Journey Beyond: What Lies Ahead

The Balkans have been truly memorable so far. Along our ride, we found so much history, culture, awesome motorcycle riding, and great people. All the ingredients needed to make a successful motorcycle adventure tour. Still, there are places to visit and roads to enjoy as we start to roam west, slowly to the departing point.

Tomorrow, our journey takes us to new places, and there is a whole new set of adventures awaiting, so… stay tuned!

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