Can Anyone Go On A Motorcycle Travel Adventure?

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Motorcycle travel adventures have become increasingly popular over the years. There’s something about the thrill of the open road that makes it appealing to riders of all ages and skill levels. Once you become comfortable expanding the duration and distance of your motorcycle travel adventures, you simply can’t fight the urge to go beyond and reach places farther from the beaten track. However, for those who have never ridden before, the thought of embarking on a motorcycle travel adventure can be daunting. But with the right mindset and approach, anyone can become a rider and experience the freedom and excitement of the open road.

Breaking the motorcycle travel adventure stereotype

We’ll be exploring the question “Can anyone go on a motorcycle travel adventure?” and offer actionable tips for those who want to become a motorcycle rider and take their adventure travels on 2 wheels. If you think that traveling with a motorcycle looking for adventures, is something for an “elite” of chosen ones, you may as well read further and make up your mind afterward.

So can anyone do it or not?

Short answer? Absolutely. Everyone can do it, start doing it, and have the time of their lives while doing it. There are tall riders, short ones, young, old, guys, ladies, and all a big happy family. 

Now, for the bits and bobs of the matter (there are always some…) and trying to make it short and helpful. You’ve got yourself, which is the most important part of the equation. What else do you need to start your motorcycle travel adventures?

1. Have the Right Mindset

The first step to becoming a rider is to have the right mindset. Riding a motorcycle requires skill and practice, so it’s essential to have a positive attitude and be open to learning. Every rider starts as a beginner, and it takes time to develop the skills and confidence needed to ride a motorcycle. Having a growth mindset and being willing to make mistakes and learn from them is essential to becoming a successful rider. And success is not a measurable metric by any standards but your own. Motorcycle traveling is not a competition. It’s your enjoyment that really matters. So don’t go listening to overcomplicated advice that some share just to create an appearance of unattainability in what they do.

2. Have the proper licenses.

Like most motor vehicles, riding a motorcycle on public grounds requires a license. Before embarking on a motorcycle travel adventure, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the proper licenses and permits to operate a motorcycle. The requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license also vary by country. However, in general, obtaining a motorcycle license involves completing a practical training course and passing a written and practical exam. Some countries may require additional training or testing for certain classes of motorcycles. It’s essential to research the specific requirements in the countries you plan to ride in and obtain the necessary licenses and permits before embarking on your motorcycle travel adventure.

3. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Knowledge is like whipped cream over strawberries. You can never have too much. One of the best ways to start your journey as a rider is by taking a motorcycle safety course. These courses teach you everything from motorcycle operation and safety to how to handle various riding situations. Not talking about the required safety courses mentioned above for the issuing of the permit, but others that numerous organizations provide to expand your riding skills and preparation. Taking a safety course is not only essential for your safety but also a great way to learn the skills you’ll need to ride a motorcycle confidently.

4. Get the Right Gear

Having the right gear is essential for your safety and comfort while riding. Invest in a good-quality helmet, riding boots, gloves, and protective clothing. The gear you wear can make a significant difference in the event of an accident, so it’s important to choose high-quality, well-fitting gear that will protect you in the event of a crash. Remember that the gear should be suited for your intended use, so don’t go out buying the best specific gear on the market if it’s not adequate for what you are going to do with it. By that, I mean that there is also the need to pair the motorcycle riding gear choice with the overall conditions you are going to use it in. As an example, there is no point in buying a winter jacket if you live in a place where warm temperatures run all year long, or your future adventure travel plans won’t take you to such a place.

5. Get the Right Motorcycle

Choosing a motorcycle for your travel adventures is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and also a complex and controversial topic. One thing is certain, you can travel on every motorcycle ever manufactured. They all present their pros and cons, but ultimately it all comes down to where, and what type of motorcycle traveling you are aiming for. Then again, at the end of the day, your motorcycle is your most prized companion, and it should suit your overall needs. Don’t be afraid to pick a motorcycle different from your riding buddies if you want to do things differently. Just be aware that if it’s a radically different type of motorcycle you might not be able to ride along with them at the same pace or surfaces, or the other way around. Another point to consider is: are you going solo, or two up? Riding with a pillion for all the travels presents its own challenges.

Any kind of motorcycle will do to travel. Basically, there are three types of motorcycles commonly used for travel, although any motorbike will do as long as you want. Touring or sport-touring, Dual-sports, and adventure motorcycles. They all make good travel choices, and there is kind of an overlap between these categories. The more road-oriented are the touring bikes, which provide more comfort and more load capacity adequate for long-distance on-road motorcycle tours. The dual-sports will be much more adequate for off-road incursions, being that with a lighter weight also comes a smaller load capacity. Adventure bikes are kind of the do-it-all of the motorcycle travel world and larger displacement models such as the BMW GS 1250, also make great on-road touring bikes. They can handle their fair bit of off-road, but with some limitations.

If, on the other hand, you already have a motorcycle… Then congratulations! You’ve got the perfect motorcycle already. You are set to start traveling and it’s just a matter of fine-tuning your motorcycle travel plans to find if at some point you need to upgrade or change to another type that suits you better.

6. Start Small

Have you ever dreamed about the ultimate motorcycle travel adventure of riding around the world? Not limited in time or budget, and exploring the most remote places you have ever heard of? Well, the most effective way of “never” achieving this or any other dream motorcycle ride is to start by taking on the finish line. Beginning with shorter rides and gradually increasing the length and complexity of your rides is a great way to build your skills and confidence. Start by practicing in a parking lot or quiet street. Then over to the surrounding areas where you live. Do a favor to yourself. Give yourself the chance to rediscover spots just around the corner that you’ve never realized were there. Once you feel comfortable, move on to longer and more challenging rides. This approach will help you build your confidence and skills over time while ensuring your enjoyment is growing in momentum.

7. Ride with Experienced Riders

Riding with experienced riders can be a great way to learn from their experience and expertise. They can also offer advice on technique, equipment, and route planning. Don’t be put off if you don’t have friends or acquaintances that ride or travel on motorcycles. One of the most amazing parts of riding motorcycles is the community around them. It’s a culture. Reach out to the motorcycle community around you, or even online. Joining a motorcycle club or attending events for riders in your area is a great way to meet other riders and gain valuable experience. In addition, if motorcycle adventuring solo, don’t be reluctant to ask for advice about the areas you are going to ride through. There are plenty of online forums and communities that have amazing members that will promptly help you out. Plus we are also here to answer all your questions.

Overcoming Obstacles and taking on challenges

Overcoming Fear

One of the most significant obstacles that new riders may face is fear. Fear of falling or getting hurt can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that fear is a natural response to a new and unfamiliar activity. In fact, fear is exactly the human response that keeps us alive. Overcoming it requires courage and persistence, but with practice and experience, fear can be overcome. Remember that it takes time and practice to develop the skills and confidence needed to ride a motorcycle. Don’t rush it. No top rider was born that way, and believe me, I would be a happy rider if I had one-tenth of their skills. However, that doesn’t stop me from having the time of my life on each and every ride. Start slowly, and gradually increase your skill level as your confidence grows. Remember to always ride within your comfort zone and don’t push yourself too hard too soon.

Plan and Prepare

Another obstacle that new riders may face is planning and preparation. Planning a motorcycle travel adventure can be challenging, but it’s essential to have a well-planned itinerary, appropriate gear, and a reliable motorcycle. Taking the time to prepare and plan for your adventure can make a huge difference in the success of your trip. Plan your route carefully, research the weather and road conditions, and ensure your motorcycle is well-maintained and equipped with the necessary accessories. This includes things like saddlebags or panniers for storage, a GPS device or map, and a tool kit for emergency repairs. You’ve got to be a skilled mechanic? No, you just have to know basic motorcycle maintenance. Do you absolutely need to have a flawless route plan, with all the angles thought out in advance? Nope, you just have to have a clear plan and prepare for the unexpected events and “stuff” that happens along the way. They will happen. It will rain, you will have to detour because of some unexpected road closure, or you might have to change your plans just because you want to enjoy a detour. Keeping a flexible approach to motorcycle tour planning is very important. If you want to ride around Portugal and want to skip the planning part, we’ve got you covered.

On-Road Navigation

Another challenge that riders may face is navigating unfamiliar roads and traffic. It’s essential to research the roads you’ll be riding on and familiarize yourself with the traffic patterns and local laws. This can help you stay safe and avoid accidents. This is also where those motorcycle safety courses really pay off. Learning to practice defensive driving as a standard for motorcycle travel touring ensures you are less exposed to the dangers of the road and can really come in handy in countries where road rules are sort of less “defined”, or in weather-hazardous conditions. 

The Physical Issues. Are you fit enough for the ride? 

Riding motorcycles is an activity that involves more physical effort than driving around in your car. And… that’s good and bad at the same time. The more in shape you are, the easier it is to feel comfortable for longer-distance rides or more demanding sections. That doesn´t mean you can’t proudly have a bear belly to show off to your mates. It simply means that generally, riders in low physical shape may face challenges, such as discomfort or fatigue during long rides. Taking regular breaks, staying hydrated, and wearing comfortable clothing can help alleviate some of these challenges. That being said, some fitness pre-trip workouts can do wonders for your comfort while on tour. And keep having that bear at the end of each day’s ride! It’s good and recommended.

Unlocking the Benefits of Motorcycle Travel Adventures

Taking on motorcycle travel adventures is not just about only obstacles and challenges. There is a whole lot of good stuff too. Going on a motorcycle travel adventure can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a chance to explore new places, meet new people, and experience the thrill of the open road. Here are some of the benefits of going on a motorcycle travel adventure:

Freedom and Adventure

Riding a motorcycle provides a sense of freedom and adventure that can’t be matched by other modes of transportation. There’s something about the wind in your face and the open road that makes you feel alive and connected to the world around you. Being that exploration is deeply engraved in human nature, it’s only natural that you want to have a more complete experience while traveling. Motorcycles do it for you. You just can’t beat that.

Meeting New People

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to meet new people. Whether you’re attending a motorcycle rally or simply cruising down the highway, you’re sure to encounter other riders who share your passion for motorcycles. And believe me, I’ve never met a motorcycle traveler that wasn’t easy to approach. After all, we are all part of the same family and united by the same love of motorcycles, and story-sharing. Furthermore, local people seem to be more willing to approach a motorcycle rider traveling solo, than someone who is just taking a car road trip. It has been our common experience in some places, to have to cut short a riding day because we met someone at a stop for lunch and he has already invited us to grab dinner at his place and found a spot for us to spend the night. It’s motorcycle life, and it’s meant to be lived.

Exploring New Places

A motorcycle travel adventure is a great way to explore new places. You can take routes that are off the beaten path and discover hidden gems that you may not have found otherwise. Especially if you turn to adventure motorcycle travel. A motorcycle that has the ability to take you through off-road sections, and surpass obstacles in your way, can provide you with the greatest of feelings as well as the greatest spots. Actually, for me, all the places I’ve passed through seem particularly different when seen from the top of a motorbike. I think it’s a matter of connection. The motorcycle connects me to the places and allows me to enjoy them differently.

Mental Health Benefits

Riding a motorcycle can also have mental health benefits. It’s a chance to clear your mind and escape everyday life’s stresses. Don’t take this as an easy escape from life’s pressures. Take it as an activity that has the power to bring out some very positive aspects in yourself. Many riders find that riding a motorcycle is a form of therapy that helps them relax and unwind. In fact, one study conducted by Dr. Don Vaugh among others, the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and Harley Davidson, suggests that it can alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Sense of Accomplishment

Successfully completing a motorcycle travel adventure can be a significant achievement and a source of pride. Overcoming obstacles and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can be incredibly rewarding, and the memories you create along the way will last a lifetime. And that has absolutely nothing to do with age, gender, or any other forms of “convenient segmentation” used by society in general. In the motorcycle world, and in the motorcycle travel and touring community, all that matters is the riding experience.

What Really Matters

In conclusion, anyone can go on a motorcycle travel adventure with the right mindset and approach. Starting small, taking a motorcycle safety course, getting the right gear, riding with experienced riders, overcoming fear, planning, and preparation, and gradually increasing the length and complexity of your rides are all actionable tips that can help ease the start of your journey as a rider. Going out and experiencing your own adventure is much more rewarding than just watching or reading about others who do it. So, get out there, hit the open road, and experience the freedom and excitement of a motorcycle travel adventure.

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