The 10 Best Adventure Helmets

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  • Third and lastly, if by any chance you find yourself reading this article, and are not yet sure about the adventure motorcycle helmet more general pic, check out our Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Your Adv Bike Helmet. Not all riders that do Adventure Bike Travel use Adventure/Dual-Sport helmets, and they are perfectly happy with the helmet-type choice they made. See what type best fits your riding needs, as they all have positive and negative characteristics for every riding type. Road, Off-Road, Adventure, Modular/Flip-Up, it’s your choice. And you you want to pair that helmet choice with an airbag and increase your protection, check out the Best Motorcycle Airbag Vests 2021.

This article focuses on the best adventure helmets now available in the market, at all price ranges, and also includes some Flip-Up adventure lids.

Let’s jump to the point and introduce our selection of The 10 Best Adventure Helmets 2021.

The 10 best Adventure Helmets

Table of Contents

Klim Krios Pro Karbon Helmet

The Klim Krios Pro Karbon Adventure Helmet is probably one of the best, if not the best adventure/dual-sports helmets on the market today. At least it’s the lightest. According to Klim, new and innovative technology was used in the construction, allowing for weight reduction and better distribution, and overall increased performance in shock absorption and comfort. 

The peak and visors are easily removable, and the helmet is google compatible. Riders can adapt the lid to the different riding conditions. For those that like to keep communications open while riding the Klim Krios Pro offers Sena10U compatibility.

AGV AX9 Carbon Helmet

The AGV AX9 Carbon is a lightweight Adventure helmet that feels great on road, courtesy of the panoramic wide opening that allows for amazing visibility. However, it’s off-road that this lid puts pressure on the competition. With a longer chin-bar providing room and plenty of ventilation, there is no shortage of air while riding the more technical routes.

With a motocross feeling to it, this 100% carbon fiber shell, permits the removal of both peak and visor, allowing 4 different combinations.

Arai Tour X4 Helmet

Produced by an incredibly popular and renowned manufacturer, the Arai Tour X4 is a premium quality adventure/dual-sport helmet. Very well ventilated, easy to maintain, and having all the interior removable, this a very comfortable lid.

Interior parts come in different size thicknesses and are allow a custom fit for every rider.

This helmet has been around for a long time and has evolved throughout the years. Arai stands by this helmet’s quality offering a 5-year limited warranty.

Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet

The Schuberth E1 is a modular/flip-up adventure helmet. This particular model is designed to take off-road what the C4 does on the street. However, it is not as off-road oriented as others, finding that touring with the occasional dirt adventure are its preferred grounds.

With easily removable visor and sun visor, internal sun visor, and adjustable peak, it’s rather simple to switch modes on this lid. 

With well constructed interiors, comfortable liner and padding, the E1 still sits high on the weight chart, although modular helmets tend to be heavier. 

Very popular among adventure touring riders, it’s also equipped to accommodate Schuberth’s in-house communication system.

Shoei Hornet X2

The Shoei Hornet has been around for some time. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t able to evolve and overcome the test of time. Shoei, a hugely popular manufacturer, built this helmet to be ready to endure every riding situation without compromising its touring ability. That can be seen throughout the helmet premium quality.

Good ventilation, no tool visor removal, pinlock included, the Japanese helmet has got a lot of features worth looking at.

Nexx X.WED2 Carbon

Nexx is a European brand that started manufacturing helmets back in 2001. Twenty years have passed and Nexx has been consistently increasing the quality of its products. Now with the Nexx X.WED2 Carbon, they take yet another step into lightweight high-performance motorcycle adventure helmets.

Goggle compatible, and with a peak extender you can use it both on and off-road. The peak, when not extended, actually performs really well on higher speeds. 

The X.WED2 Carbon is comfortable inside, and comes standard with emergency release cheek pads.

Nexx includes a bag of spares that are very convenient. 

LS2 Explorer Carbon

I can bet the LS2 Explorer Carbon will be one of the most popular adventure/dual-sports helmets in a very short time. Outer shell made with carbon fiber, extremely good ventilation with all (yes all) vents adjustable, and priced very competitively. The recipe for success is on, following the LS2 success in other lid types.

Aggressive styling, on a super-lightweight pack, could be a great choice for many adventure motorcycle riders.

Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

If you are on a budget and are looking for a lid that is optimized to mitigate rotational impacts in the dirt, look no further. Bell’s MIPS technology does exactly that, and the MX-9 Adventure Helmet has got it. 

That and plenty off other features, bring this entry-level off-road-oriented helmet to a stand-alone position in the segment.

Polycarb construction that extends from the shell to the chin bar, along with fully removable interiors, and plenty of graphic options, grant this lid the right to be on this list.

Scorpion EXO-AT950

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 is a helmet that should be seriously considered if you are looking for an adv bike helmet priced under the 300$ mark. And I do mean really seriously. This is helmet does everything properly. 

Not carbon fiber but still DOT approved, offers a good amount of protection, and still manages to set 4 different configurations. Good ventilation, versatile, goggle compatible, comes with an anti-fog face shield, and an antimicrobial liner. And guess what? There even is metal hardware for the chin bar. Amazing at this price point.

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

With the Klim Krios Pro as the manufacturer flagship adventure helmet, we shouldn’t forget about the Klim Krios Karbon. The price difference is significant, and if you don’t really need the increased airflow, this helmet is a great option.

Less than 1500g, full carbon construction, and with wide array of premium features. 

Very good on and off-road helmet with 4 riding modes that will adapt to every riding type.

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