Ride That Monkey RTW Injured

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Ride That Monkey RTW Injured

Round the world motorcycle trip.

Got that one on your bucket list? 

I’m pretty sure that loads of people have got the world-traveling dream down there hidden somewhere. Whether on a motorcycle on by any other means of transport, it’s just something that lures any traveler. 

Riding the world on 2 wheels, for those who really get that motorcycle traveling is an adventure by itself, is probably an unmatched pick in the land options. The motorcycle opens up a whole new range of possibilities for accessing and exploring the world and can get you places no other ride can. 

That being said, lots dream about it, some actually do it, and even fewer do it differently. 

This brings me to the point.

Who is André Sousa?

Today, I’m here to tell you about André Sousa. Who is André? First of all, he’s a fellow motorcycle rider who is undertaking an RTW trip differently. Choosing a 125cc Honda Monkey to do a 360° on the Earth is not the most common choice. In fact, the word common doesn’t even apply when matching this small displacement motorbike with long-distance motorcycle travel, autonomy, load capacity, and so on… A quick google search query should show precisely that. You could actually do all sorts of internet queries related to RTW, only to find that most motorcycle choices for the longest travel distances are all but Honda Mini Monkeys. 

That alone could set André on a different level of adventure motorcycle travel. But only “that”, wouldn’t really do him justice.



André Sousa is the 2018 World Record holder for the Fastest Journey Around South America on a Small Motorbike – having traveled 24.225km/15.052mi in 120 days, through all the South American countries on a 125cc motorcycle. You can check that ride at the Ride That Monkey website or on Instagram and Facebook.

The 25-year-old Portuguese is truly adventure-spirited. One that puts into practice what most of us only dream about, and this time he’s set on being the first motorcyclist to ride around the world on a mini motorcycle.


Ride That Monkey RTW

Taking on an around-the-world trip has challenges. Taking one on a fully-loaded small-displacement motorcycle with only 9hp, and an average speed of 50km/h(31mph), has even greater ones. From the route to the motorcycle limitations, from the calculated budget to the unexpected events.

On top of that, there are also some things even the most experienced motorcyclist cannot control. Like other drivers on the road. 

On day 27 of Ride That Monkey RTW, while riding through France, André was rear-ended and suffered some injuries. The driver that hit him from behind him, fled from the scene of the accident leaving the injured monkey rider stuck underneath the bike and waiting for the bypasser’s help. 

Ride That Monkey RTW injured and on hold

One year and 2 months later, it happened again, rear-ended once more… this time with a far worst outcome. While riding near the Mojave Desert, a truck hit André at 90km/h / 55mph. 



The result?

Ride That Monkey RTW is now stopped after more than 40.000kms across 29 countries, 10.000km of which are across the US.

André is in pain and barely able to stand up straight, having sustained several injuries, the worst of all to the spinal column.

Having leg abrasion injuries almost to the bone is bad, but lumbar and cervical spinal injuries are far worst and much more concerning. 

Relocated to the Los Angeles area, André is already undergoing daily physiotherapy, while doctors are still running some tests to find out the extent of the injuries.

Expenses add up fast when medical treatments are required, especially in the US. Something that Europeans are not so acquainted with. Insurance claims are complex and lengthy. Lodging costs are also a burden. Requiring daily medication and medical treatments during the recovery time means additional expenses. Recurring to CouchSurfing as André has done before, is no longer an option for him for no one wants to have an injured motorcycle rider guest that has to be laying down for an extended time and can barely move to make meals. Staying at an Airbnb has been the solution so far.

Meanwhile, the Honda Mini Monkey is also waiting for repairs. The truck driver’s insurance company still hasn’t decided to assume responsibility for the costs of the repairs on the motorcycle, and the liability for the damages inflicted upon the rider.

All added up, this could be an event for which André bears no responsibility, and that could dictate the end of his world record attempt on the RTW with a mini motorcycle. 

Let’s hope not! Let’s hope sense prevails, and that he makes a speedy recovery.

The Ride That Monkey Fans Invaluable Support

Not at all like insurance companies, the Ride That Monkey RTW followers and supporters, have been helping out André in this moment of struggle, for which the Portuguese adventure rider is thankful. Not knowing how long will the medical treatments last, or how much time are the insurance companies going to take in the matter of liability, the support to cope with the unexpected costs is invaluable. A gofundme page was set up to collect donations to fund the extra expenses, as well as other links that can be found on Instagram, along with the latest updates from André himself.

This only goes out to should that even riding a motorcycle around the world, you are never really alone.

Once recovered, André expects to ride on to Mexico, South America, and to the finish line of his adventure, along with all his supporters.


Go and Ride That Monkey! Straight till the finish line!

Images Source and Credits – Ride That Monkey

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