Welsh Motorcycle Touring Wonders and Unexpected Encounters

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Welcome back, 2wheeler ladies and gents, to yet another chapter of this book of memories that is written on the seat of an adventure touring bike!

After bidding farewell to my cozy bungalow near Merthyr Tydfil, it was time to hit the road once again and embark on the next leg of my thrilling adventure. Heading eastward, my destination was Aberystwyth, a coastal gem nestled in the heart of Wales. The allure of the Welsh 360 was already beckoning, promising awe-inspiring landscapes and remarkable experiences along the way.

Aberystwyth: Where Land Meets Sea

As I rode closer to Aberystwyth, the refreshing sea breeze greeted me, fueling my excitement for the exploration that lay ahead. The majestic Royal Pier stood proudly, inviting me to immerse myself in the vibrant atmosphere of this seaside town. With a sense of anticipation, I embarked on a great portion of the Welsh 360, a renowned route that promised breathtaking vistas and winding roads that would forever etch themselves in my memory.

Unforgettable Encounters

Surrounded by the stunning scenery of a riverside waterfall, a serendipitous encounter unfolded. While I was admiring the landscape, I sensed a presence behind me. I turned to find a gentleman in his eighties, sitting in a wheelchair, his eyes gleaming with nostalgia. Intrigued by my GS1200, he introduced himself as James and shared stories of his own European adventures on a British-built 650 motorcycle (the manufacturer’s name eluding both of us). We delved into a delightful conversation, and James even asked to see the GPX tracks on my GPS, confirming the magnificence of the route I had chosen. His kind words about how blessed I was about the weather and the undertaking of this motorcycle tour, and also his reminiscence of past journeys left me humbled, reminding me that these genuine connections are the essence of every meaningful adventure.

Embracing Nature’s Bounty

Amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Wales, I embarked on a quest to discover the hidden gems that lay off the beaten path. The winding small roads, cocooned by stunning landscapes, were an absolute delight for any adventure seeker. Each twist and turn revealed nature’s bounty, leaving an indelible mark on my soul. Mountains stood tall, valleys sprawled in verdant green, and rivers meandered through the idyllic countryside, creating a tableau that would forever be etched in my memory.

A Phone Booth Oasis

When you look for the road less traveled, you don’t expect to find many modern amenities. However, even in more remote areas, there are some surprises that need a moment to take in. To my astonishment, a red phone booth materialized before us, standing as a symbol of Wales’ thoughtfulness even in the most secluded locations. It’s amazing how some things that are so different somehow blend in the landscape creating a vision that stands picture perfect.

The Magic of Lakeside Motorcycle Camping

With the day drawing to a close, I sought the perfect spot to pitch my tent. Glanllyn Lakeside, nestled along the picturesque Bala Lake, beckoned me with its tranquility and natural beauty. Departure shot for the start of motorcycle camping season on this adventure bike tour. For a mere 16 pounds, I secured a prime camping spot boasting a mesmerizing lake view. However, I had forgotten to bring a way to light up my camping stove. I’ll have to deal with that tomorrow. Undeterred, I embraced my improvisation skills and found a creative solution to enjoy a warm meal amidst nature’s embrace.

As I watched ducks gracefully landing and taking off from their own little runway, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace and contentment. The pictures I captured simply can’t do justice to the serenity and enchantment that surrounded me.

Closing Thoughts

These extraordinary experiences, encounters, and ingenious solutions are what make motorcycle touring so uniquely captivating. They remind us that while we may meticulously plan our journeys, it’s the unforeseen moments that truly enrich our souls. As I conclude this chapter of my adventure, I’m filled with gratitude for the remarkable encounters and breathtaking landscapes that Wales has bestowed upon me. With each passing day, I’m reminded that the open road holds countless treasures waiting to be discovered.

So, dear fellow riders and adventure enthusiasts, keep your spirits high, embrace the unexpected, and let your wheels guide you toward the extraordinary. The road awaits, and the possibilities are endless.

Note: Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of my exhilarating motorcycle tour, as I continue my quest to uncover the hidden gems of this remarkable land. The next heading is North.

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