Great Balkan Ride from Kotor to Dubrovnik and Onward to Sarajevo

Dubrovnik isn't just a city; it's an artwork that breathes history. Its limestone streets are like time machines, leading us through stories that have shaped centuries.

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Revving Up the Laughs and Thrills: From Kotor to Dubrovnik to Sarajevo

Greetings, fellow 2wheelers! Rui here, ready to ignite the engines of another spectacular day in our Balkans escapade. Buckle up, because as day 10 unfolds, we’re embarking on a ride that promises exhilaration, adventure, and enough smiles to keep us happy and assure plenty of memories. From Kotor’s enchanting waterfront to Dubrovnik’s caffeine-fueled escapades and Sarajevo’s unexpected twists, this leg of our journey is one for the books.

A Morning of Splendor and Surprises

Rise and shine, for the day greets us with a burst of energy that’s contagious. And what a joyful day it was! Opening the shades of our room in Kotor, we find ourselves in a dreamlike setting – a lovely spot by the waterfront, with views that could steal the spotlight from any Hollywood blockbuster. It’s as if Mother Nature herself orchestrated a grand opening to our day of joy.

Great Balkan Ride from Kotor to Dubrovnik and Onward to Sarajevo

The Supermarket Safari: Fueling More Than Just the Tanks

Before our wheels hit the road, we make a pit stop at a local supermarket. This isn’t just any stop – it’s a tactical refueling mission. Our mission? Stocking up on supplies for both our rumbling stomachs and our moto-traveler food stash. With energy in our veins and bags full of treats, we’re ready to tackle the upcoming journey. Dubrovnik is our next stop en route to Sarajevo, and it promises to be an adventure of epic proportions.

Navigating Dubrovnik: Coffee, Curves, and Cuisine

Dubrovnik, ahoy! With the midday sun casting its warm embrace, we steer towards this charming city that seems to have sprung out of a fairytale. Last time we were here, we discovered a convenient parking spot located within walking distance of the old town. Consider it our secret weapon against parking woes. Navigating the city’s twists and turns is a breeze when experience is our co-pilot.

But let’s not ignore the caffeine chronicles that unfolded. Ah, coffee – the elixir that fuels our souls. However, bargain prices of the past have transformed into tourist fares of the present. Our coffee-fueled joy comes with a side of “ouch” for the wallets – 8 euros for 2 coffees – it seems the good old days of reasonable pricing were left on the other side of the border. No worries, though – our trusty 7-eleven luggage groceries come to the rescue with a meal on the go. Because in the grand tapestry of travel, sometimes simplicity is the most delicious recipe. It also has the added benefit of time-saving, thus allowing for more time to explore.

Dubrovnik Unveiled: A Jewel of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik isn’t just a city; it’s an artwork that breathes history. Its limestone streets are like time machines, leading us through stories that have shaped centuries. We stroll along ancient walls, gaze at enchanting architecture, and soak in breathtaking views that make our hearts race. From the beauty of its shores to the allure of its alleyways, Dubrovnik is a siren’s call that leaves us spellbound.

Borders Crossed, Fueling the Journey

The open road knows no bounds, and today we traverse borders with a dash of bureaucracy. From Montenegro to Croatia in the morning, and then, after lunch into Bosnia and Herzegovina, our journey takes us through a series of border crossings that are both thrilling and slightly bewildering, though I must add we are becoming more and more like seasoned border-crossers. And speaking of borders, Bosnia and Herzegovina brings forth a challenge – the scarcity of fuel stations. Fuel autonomy becomes a puzzle, reminding us that in the world of adventure, planning is key. A lesson learned, for we cover more kilometers than we ever thought possible before finally spotting a fuel pump oasis. More than 200km. I had seen on online forums that this could be an issue, so we came prepared to plan the route with fuel autonomy as the most important aspect on the list. In fact, we even took the time in one of the fuel stops, to wash and take care of our motorcycles. It’s not common for me to wash my motorcycle in the middle of the ride, but the weather forecasted no rain until the end of our journey, plus, the bikes need some love too.

Sarajevo: Soul and Sole

Sarajevo, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcomes us with open arms. A city that’s been a melting pot of cultures for centuries, it weaves history, art, and stories into its very fabric. As we explore its streets, its soul finds a place in ours. But as fate would have it, even the most thrilling journey can’t escape a touch of comedy. A boot with a sole that’s determined to part ways becomes a testament to the unpredictability of adventure. In the heart of Sarajevo, we try to find a shoemaker’s magic. Unfortunately, although we found one, his magic services were only possible one and a half days later, which translates to “I’ll have to deal with it until I arrange another solution.”

And so, day 10 draws to a close, leaving us with tales of joy, caffeine-fueled escapades, and the customary dance of unexpected mishaps. Experience has thought me that embracing unexpected detours with a smile is only a way to keep the door open for new and more rewarding adventures. From Kotor’s sunrise to Dubrovnik’s elegance and Sarajevo’s soulful embrace, this leg of our adventure has woven its threads into our story, and at the end of the day, what really matters is the story behind the journey that Liliana and I are undertaking. Stay tuned, fellow 2wheelers, for the ride is far from over.

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