From Theth’s Peaks to Kotor Serpentine: Riding High on Balkans

If you're thinking of alpine passes in Europe's famed countries – Italy, Switzerland, Austria – let me introduce you to the Kotor Serpentine. This serpentine marvel is not playing second fiddle to anyone. The curves, the challenges, the awe-inspiring views – it's a rider's dream come true.

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Hello again, fellow 2wheelers of the world! Curious about where our ride is taking us today? So are we, for that is the magic of motorcycle tours and adventures. Rui here, ready to roll into another exhilarating day of our Balkans adventure. As day 9 breaks over the horizon, we find ourselves journeying from the rain-soaked streets of Shkodër to the mountain heights of Theth, crossing borders, and embracing the thrill of the legendary Kotor Serpentine. Grab your helmets, secure your luggage, and hop on, as we dive into the heart of this unforgettable leg of our expedition.

Waking Up to a Watery Wonderland

Our day began with a watery welcome in Shkodër. Picture this: waking up to the symphony of raindrops dancing on rooftops. Except the raindrops were more like a drunken waterfall. Our grand plan? Head to Theth, and Theth National Park, a natural wonder nestled high in the rugged peaks of the Alps of Albania. But Mother Nature had other ideas – she decided to throw a rain-soaked party. The deluge was so intense that leaving the hotel seemed like a comedic mission impossible. Weather sudden changes have been fairly common on this tour, but this time we couldn’t help but to wonder if it had anything to do with the name by which the locals refer to the Albanian Alps – “Prokletije” – in English, it can be roughly translated as “cursed mountains”. Cursed or not, those were some mountains we wanted to ride, so, what do two adventurers do in such a situation? Absolutely nothing. We wait. Two hours later, the clouds relented, and our engines roared to life, returning us the desire to explore the unexplored.

Theth: A Tale of Trails and Triumphs

Theth, a place synonymous with awe-inspiring landscapes and rugged adventure, beckoned us with promises of vistas that would steal our breath away. And it stood truthful to its promises. But let’s get real – for hikers, it’s a haven; for motorcycle riders, well, let’s just say it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Here’s the lowdown: the road to Theth takes about 3 hours round-trip, a bumpy ride through loose rocks and gravel. The twist? It’s designed for a single car but expects two-way traffic. Translation? You’re cruising at a modest 20/30kph, kissing goodbye to any off-road drifting daydreams. While it might seem like a rider’s challenge, it’s truly one of Albania’s hidden gems. Rain concerns be damned, we were determined to seize the day, and boy, were we rewarded! The views? Nothing short of magnificent. Alpine vistas as far as the eye can see. The only thing that could improve those naturally awesome landscapes, was, of course, our 2 Triumphs. Nothing beats a Tiger high in the mountains.

The Albanian Alps

Farewell Albania, Hello Montenegro

As our Theth escapade came to an end, we said goodbye to Albania’s leks – the currency that had kept us company through countless twists and turns. If you haven’t read the first legs of our trip and are just now joining us, jump back to our first day in Albania to understand why exchanging currency is so important here, even in these modern times with debit, credit cards, apple and google pay and all the electronic contactless mumbo jumbo that humans have available, and have forgotten how to live without. Montenegro awaited, and it was time to embark on another border-crossing escapade. Now, let’s talk about border crossings – a lengthy and bureaucratic process that’s as thrilling as watching paint dry. But hey, it’s part and parcel of our adventure, and we were prepared. Our sights were set on Kotor, and we roared across the border with our eyes on the prize.

A Dash of Motorcycle Magic: Conquering the Kotor Serpentine

For all you motorcycle aficionados out there, it’s time to sit up. We’re about to embark on the legendary Kotor Serpentine. If you’re thinking of alpine passes in Europe’s famed countries – Italy, Switzerland, Austria – let me introduce you to the Kotor Serpentine. This serpentine marvel is not playing second fiddle to anyone. The curves, the challenges, the awe-inspiring views – it’s a rider’s dream come true. Yeah, Stelvio! You’ve heard right. Now go tell it to Furka, Griemsel, and the other ones! We navigated its twists and turns, feeling the thrill that only roads like this can offer.

From Theth's Peaks to Kotor Serpentine: Riding High on Balkans
The view from the top – Kotor

Kotor’s Embrace: A Welcome Like No Other

Our day’s journey brought us to the embrace of Kotor. Nestled in a waterfront prime spot, this city welcomed us with open arms. Needless to say, we savored the remainder of the day in Kotor, enjoying all the good stuff it has to offer.

The adventure continues, and our wheels are set to turn toward Dubrovnik tomorrow, with plans to make it there before lunch. From Dubrovnik, we’ll chart our course to Sarajevo, where the allure of a night’s stay awaits. The Balkans have us under their spell, each day weaving a tale of twists, turns, and the unexpected. Until next time, keep those engines purring and the roads winding!

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