Croatia Waves Goodbye, Italy Awaits

Our goal for the day? Making our way back to Italy. (...) the ferry's course traced the sparkling Adriatic waters, gradually bidding farewell to the stunning Dalmatian coastline.

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Hey there, fellow road warriors! Rui here, and it’s time to dive into the next chapter of our exhilarating Balkans escapade. Day 13 marks a pivotal moment as Croatia waves goodbye, and we kickstart our journey back home. With our trusty motorcycles by our side and the open road ahead, let’s venture into the twists and turns of this day’s adventure. To be honest, this wasn’t a day with the twists and turns that this journey normally presented us with, but every moment has its own wonders waiting to be enjoyed.

Zadar: Morning Beginnings and Unforeseen Connections

As the sun’s first rays painted the sky in hues of gold, we were up and ready to embrace the day. Zadar welcomed us with its Adriatic breeze and a surprise that made our morning even brighter. Imagine this – the same person handling our hotel checkout also holds the esteemed title of President of the Posega Moto Klub. Talk about a delightful twist of fate! A camaraderie formed, anecdotes were exchanged, and invitations for a visit were made. It’s these unexpected connections that make every journey truly unforgettable. Maybe we will take up that invitation the next time we ride through Croatia.

Croatia Waves Goodbye: Crossing the Adriatic to Ancona

Our goal for the day? Making our way back to Italy. How did we do it? by ferry again. I know we’ve had our share of misfortunes with ferryboats along the way and that 1000-plus km ride around the Adriatic would give us “adventure material” both for the spirit and for the writing. But hoping to have learned from our past experiences, we opted for a ferry ride once again. This time, a 7-hour voyage from Zadar to Ancona awaited us. Departing at 11 am, the ferry’s course traced the sparkling Adriatic waters, gradually bidding farewell to the stunning Dalmatian coastline. The beauty of the seascape painted a serene backdrop as we contemplated the voyage ahead.

Croatia Waves Goodbye, Italy Awaits

Ancona: a Gateway to Maritime History

As the ferry’s anchor touched the shores of Ancona, our senses were greeted with a new Italian adventure. Ancona is a city with a history steeped in maritime trade, and you can see that in every corner. From shipyards that have crafted vessels for centuries to its strategic port, Ancona’s maritime legacy is a thread that weaves through time. As much as we wanted to spend some time in this Italian maritime hub, we had already set a destination.

Chiaravalle Night Refuge

Chiaravalle is a charming town located about 25 kilometers away. Tucked away from the bustling crowds, Chiaravalle offered us a serene escape and a better departing point for the next day. Curiously, Chiaravalle has an even more special connection to be discovered – it’s a twin city of Tabuaço in Portugal, a place familiar to us from our own journeys. This unexpected bond reinforced the idea that the world is full of surprises and that even across borders, cultures, and languages, there’s a common thread that unites us as travelers.

A Culinary Conversation and Pisa’s Tempting Whispers

Seated around a table, the aroma of delectable Italian cuisine enveloping us, our minds wandered. Amid bites of pizza and sips of wine, an idea sparked – why not venture to Pisa? After all, what’s a journey through Italy without standing in awe of the iconic Leaning Tower? And there you have it. Just like that, another waypoint was added to the route plan.

Of course, the leaning tower is not the only thing happening in the nearby future. We have our eyes and minds set on some other experiences of the more appealing kind for the ones who love motorcycles. But hey! Let’s keep an open mind. Once on another journey, an Italian guy talking about how things work out in Italy told me: “This is Italy. And in Italy, anything can happen!”. Stay tuned, and ride along with us, as we carve our wheels on to the pavement that leads back home.

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