Black Friday For Motorcycle Addicts

Black Friday For Motorcycle Addicts

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all sorts of discounts are prone to jump-start the interest in getting some stuff. That goes for just about every selling product out there. But the question for us remains the same. 

What’s the meaning of Black Friday for motorcycle addicts?

Well, to put it plain and simple, it’s a chance for motorcycle riders to upgrade, renew, or even acquire gear that they’ve been trying to get their hands on but haven’t really been able to afford.

Everyone knows that good, durable, and safe motorcycle gear is expensive. There is no way around it. Yet from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, some brands do a sale on their products. This means significant discounts and can actually make quality gear more wallet-friendly. 

Planning in the long term, for the acquiring of better gear, could determine an additional saving because of the durability increase. Better durability often means you stick with the same gear for longer periods, thus reducing the need to keep spending on something that it’s still fully functional. Also, because you are buying top-end technology, it’s harder to end up with outdated gear. 

To add to all this, some manufacturers and resellers only do discounts one time per year. Which makes Black Friday a one-off deal to get a better price on some brands.

Yet this is not, a call to action, a paid advertisement, or some sort of sponsored post. At 2WheelsOnRoad we are not in any way affiliated with the brands referred on this post, nor do we receive any sort of payment for their referrals.

The fact of the matter is that premium motorcycle gear is often not in reach of many motorcycle riders. If there is a time when prices go down, making it possible for all of us to get better gear, it should be known.

Some Black Friday Deals Noteworthy


LoneRider Black Friday deals go from 20 to 30% off. And that bigger discount goes for their full gear combo. Lonerider is a well-known premium brand made by motorcycle riders to motorcycle riders. Motorcycle luggage, accessories, and even tents, all top-notch.
Lonerider Black Friday Deals



Lonerider Full Gear Combo


When talking about soft luggage Moskomoto is a name that cannot be missed. Of course, that’s not all they have. They also have riding gear that will not fail the highest expectations. Moskomoto has a Black Friday 20% off on all pre-orders. It’s often quite hard to get Moskomoto’s gear in stock has it goes out faster than they can produce it. If planning ahead and this is a brand that calls your attention, the pre-order discount could save you a good deal of cash.



Moskomoto The Preorder Collection Black Friday – Ciber Monday Deal

Adventure SpecⓇ

One of my favorites is also on sale till the 29th of November. Adventure Spec has 20% off selected gear in stock. With luggage, accessories, and incredible premium-quality riding gear, Adv Spec keeps pushing its ideas onto manufacturing and presenting riders with great solutions. Additional discounts on baselayers can apply when you purchase a riding jacket.


Adv Spec Mongolia Trail Jacket


One of the favorite smartphone mounts out there is also on sale this Black Friday. Quadlock needs no introduction and is available for 30% less than the regular price.



Quadlock Universal


If none of the suggestions above gets your revs up, Motocard is running a Black Friday up to 70% off deal. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something there. Discounts vary according to the gear, but there is also a stackable Black Friday code on the site.

There are plenty of other offers out there, but these were the ones that caught our attention. From the motorcycle rider’s point of view, but bearing in mind that each of us is also a buyer. 

Safe Rides, smart shopping, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Plan, Ride, Live, Repeat!

All links, images, and informations credited to the referred brands above.

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