Awesome Twists: Pesaro Motorcycle History and San Marino Treasures

Awesome Twists: Pesaro Motorcycle History and San Marino Treasures

Hey there, fellow road adventurers! Rui here, back in the saddle and ready to recount the thrilling ride that marked our day. Day 14 of our epic Balkans journey was nothing short of a whirlwind, a tale of twists, turns, unexpected stops, and the allure of Pisa’s leaning tower. So buckle up, because this chapter promises excitement, Italian landscapes, and a visit to a place that’s more than just a country within a country.

The Route to Pesaro And a Plan

Our day’s plan was simple – conquer the 350 kilometers that lay between us and Pisa before the famed leaning tower turned in for the night. But as we embarked on this adventure, we encountered the August bustle that accompanies fine weather. Pesaro, our first waypoint, greeted us with a coastal ride that was as scenic as it was traffic-laden. Our average speed barely managed to reach 30 km/h, and even that felt optimistic.

Pesaro Pit Stop: Where Traffic Meets Motorcycle Nostalgia

Speaking of our first stop in Pesaro, let me regale you with the fascinating tale of our visit to the heart of motorcycle history. As we rolled into the charming town of Pesaro, it wasn’t just the coastal breeze that embraced us – it was the rich legacy of Benelli, an iconic motorcycle manufacturer. Founded in 1911, Benelli’s story is a testament to passion, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection on two wheels. From its early days as a mere bicycle and motorcycle repair shop, Benelli quickly evolved into a powerhouse of engineering prowess, producing remarkable machines that roared to life with an Italian spirit. With their famed inline-four engines and a history dotted with triumphs in racing circuits, Benelli’s motorcycles have left an indelible mark on the industry. Stepping into the footsteps of those who crafted these legendary machines was an experience that bridged the past and the present, reminding us of the ceaseless evolution of the motorcycle world. Kind of made me briefly relieve the ride around Portugal where Mario took a Benelli.

Awesome Twists: Pesaro Motorcycle History and San Marino Treasures

Roaming through San Marino: A Country within a Country

Leaving Pesaro behind, we set our sights on San Marino. Let me tell you, San Marino was a pleasant surprise that exceeded all expectations. I wasn’t really expecting it to be like it is. This tiny nation within Italy’s borders is a world of its own. Imagine this: its own police force, license plates, and a level of organization that rivals even the tidiest of European towns. The city’s charm was irresistible, and we found ourselves touring its cobblestone streets far longer than we had planned.

As we navigated the narrow streets and picturesque alleys of this microstate, we discovered a world of captivating attractions. The first stop on our exploration was the awe-inspiring Guaita Tower, a sentinel that has stood the test of time since the 11th century. Its panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes were simply breathtaking. From there, we ventured to the equally stunning Cesta Tower, housing the Museum of Ancient Weapons and offering an intimate glimpse into the country’s medieval history. The grandeur of the Basilica di San Marino left us in awe, with its ornate interior and reverential atmosphere. Amidst the cobblestone streets, the Palazzo Pubblico and its Clock Tower were a testament to the city’s governance and architectural splendor. As we roamed through this small yet captivating country, it was impossible to overlook the allure that its tax-free shopping districts posed for retail therapy enthusiasts. For us, it was about the discovery as San Marino proved that big surprises can come in small packages, and it left us longing for more.

Choosing the Scenic Route: A Twisty 200 km Adventure

With Pisa in our sights, we faced a choice – a longer, faster route using the freeways or a shorter, slower, and infinitely more scenic journey through the backcountry roads leading to Florence. As adventurers at heart, you can probably guess which path we opted for. The route through Florence gifted us with 200 kilometers of pure riding delight – curves that came one after another, picturesque landscapes unfolding around every bend. And then there were the mountain passes, like the legendary Passo della Consuma. A picture is worth a thousand words, but two pictures, taken years apart, can tell a whole story. The difference between the Passo della Consuma sign from a video years ago and the picture I snapped today is stark. Yes, it has become a tradition to adorn these signs with stickers, a homage to dreams fulfilled on two wheels. But perhaps it’s time to let these landmarks stand unadorned, allowing their natural beauty to shine through.

Leaving Pisa for Tomorrow: Pontedera’s Alluring Call

As the sun began to set, painting the sky in shades of twilight, we were faced with a decision. The leaning tower of Pisa was within reach, but nightfall would cloak its architectural charm. We chose to stay in Pontedera, a mere 30 km away, ensuring that we’d encounter Pisa tomorrow morning, bathed in daylight. Pontedera held more than one reason for our choice – it’s the proud home of Piaggio’s Museum, a destination we couldn’t resist exploring. Let alone an enthusiast, like myself.

Looking Ahead: Vespa’s Nest and More

While Florence remained a missed opportunity for this leg of our journey, it only adds another layer of anticipation for future rides. It’s the beauty of the open road – there’s always something more to discover, something that beckons us to embark on yet another adventure. Tomorrow holds the promise of visiting Vespa’s nest, an architectural endeavor to bring the leaning tower back to its rightful inclination, and a wealth of experiences yet to unfold. So, stay tuned as we continue to carve our path, enriching our adventure with each twist of the throttle and each new horizon we conquer.

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