Awesome New Nexx 2022 Helmet Models Revealed

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New Nexx 2022 Helmet Models Revealed

Portuguese Manufacturer Nexx has revealed a new helmet lineup for 2022, and it will consist of the renewal of three of their helmets.

The current generation is already well known for its stylish design, premium quality, and safety standards. A lot of motorcyclists are also attracted to the numerous tech features like the Nexx X-COM in-house communications system, developed with SENA. The X.WED2 carbon made our top 10 Adv Helmet list for 2021.

The new Nexx 2022 helmet models take it a set above.

Being Portuguese myself, I can’t conceal an underlying proudness when I look at the results of Nexx’s work and effort. Consistently improving and upgrading their helmets throughout the years, these helmets were already among the best helmets in the market. Now they consolidate and deliver world-class know-how and in-house technological development, to refine their already premium helmets.

For the construction of the new shells, Nexx will use carbon-fiber, in a non-traditional weave pattern. Layed in a spider web pattern, this 3K carbon-fiber weave, as Nexx calls it, is claimed to achieve a substantial improvement in strength and rigidity. However, this does not compromise the characteristic lightweight of the current helmets, nor of the carbon fiber itself.

The Three New Nexx Helmet Models

The X.G20

The 3 new Nexx helmets, will feature one classical-inspired jet open helmet, a sports bike helmet, and an adventure helmet.

The X.G20 is an open-face, jet-style inspired helmet, with a hard visor and a new ECE 22-06 homologation.
The new X-Matrix inner shell, with six different layers, offers world-class shock absorption. The outer shell is made with the 3k carbon fiber described before.
The interiors are removable and washable, and it has an integrated sun visor, that can be actuated manually.
A Double D-Ring buckle is the retainer system choice.

image credits – Nexx

The X.R3R

The X.R3R is a full-face sports bike helmet also in 3k carbon fiber. And this one was clearly made with the race track in mind.
The aerodynamical focus of the X.R3R started with a virtual analysis of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

According to Nexx, the effort to develop the helmet’s shell, visor, vents, and rear spoiler was all aimed to reduce drag and ensure maximum efficiency. The top and lateral vortex generators, guide the airflow to the rear spoiler thus reducing air drag and improving performance. Additionally, while achieving a reduced drag, the ventilation is improved. As an option, a rear spoiler extensor, fixed by screws, can also be fitted to ensure maximum performance and stability at high speeds.

To understand the track capabilities and high-speed comfort of this carbon helmet, just know that the Portuguese manufacturer claims zero g force at 160km/h (100mi/h). This means that the helmet itself together with the design of its component achieves zero dynamic weight at these speeds.

Also, to improve comfort and noise reduction, the X.R3R has a visor fitted with a dual rubber seal gasket. The visor itself is a PC Lexan Class 1 anti-scratch Pinlock ready which provides a wide field of vision. One of the widest available in the market. (225º horizontal x 85º vertical)
The interiors in X-Mart Dry fabric are fully removable and washable.

image credits – Nexx

The New X.WRL

The new X.WRL ( a WR that stands for Wild Rally) is the new dual-purpose helmet from Nexx. An adventure motorcycle helmet, that can be used both on and off-road, and that the manufacturer states can even be used for enduro.

It’s designed to be used with goggles and comes with an integrated goggle strap holder. However, it can also be used with a visor. Two Pinlock-ready and no-tool-required removable visors come standard with the helmet. A clear visor and an Iridium Red visor for road use.

Versatility is the word here. Actually, I would add lightweight to the versatility, for this helmet only weighs 1250g. That’s a great number that will please most adventure and dual-sport motorcycle riders. The 3k carbon-fiber technology is placed in service of the comfort needed on larger or more technical off-road rides.

The brow ventilation system, fully removable and washable interiors, the Double-D ring retainer system with the X-Lock magnetic button, and even the neck brace fit, are all good testaments to the amount of care and thought placed into the development of this helmet. Of course, the is more, like the X-Hidro system that allows for quick water access, the peak extensor, or the Emergency Strap V2 System that allows for the quick removal of the helmet in emergency situations.

image credits – Nexx

I guess we will have to wait until January 2022, to see these awesome new Nexx 2022 helmet models for ourselves.

As for prices, or for more information, Nexx is the way to go. Check out their website and see the different graphic options as they always make for a price difference among the same helmet series.

For the users of the current helmet line, rest assured, Nexx has not forgotten about you and is also releasing a new transition visor that can fit most of the current models like the X.WED2, the X.Vilijord, and the X.Vilitur.

Safe Rides!

Plan, Ride, Live, Repeat!

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